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GPs and practice managers: Telephone triage and the need for call recording

This infographic illustrates how call recording is a necessary part of the telephone triage being adopted by GP surgeries in a bid to offer more flexible appointments to their patients.

Telephone triage has been heralded as one way GP surgeries can cope with appointments on a more flexible...

Could your legacy phone system be costing you money?

When I talk to businesses using ageing telephone systems, their main reason for doing so is always cost. It’s the typical, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude.

But I would seriously challenge that point of view based on financial considerations alone as follows: 

Higher ongoing costs...

eBook: Calculate the long-term servings of agile communications

Businesses must become more agile in order to stay relevant.

The right communications solution can help to lower costs and provide flexibility so your staff can remain efficient.

For instance, traditional ISDN lines are expensive. Each change that your business requests has a price tag...

Broadcast messages to pupils with your school telephone system

Repeating the same information over and over again is tedious at best but is time wasting at worst.

This is a common occurrence for school reception staff, especially when an event is thrown into doubt.

Using the age-old example of sports day, the weather in the UK can mean this annual...

Avoid doing the card reader cha-cha-cha

I recently went for drinks at a hotel where I witnessed the barman perform the card reader cha-cha-cha brandishing the card reader in the air to “catch some WiFi”. As amusing as it was to watch, it took him a few minutes to find the connectivity sweet spot and authorise my payment. His...

The motivations of a hacker

Cyber-attacks are on the increase. Last year, proved to be a difficult year for many businesses including Tesco, Ashley Madison, TalkTalk and other large businesses. Small and medium businesses aren’t escaping the brunt of the attacks either with a reported seven million types of...

Why do IP networks need SD-WAN?

Arguably one of the biggest additions to the wide area network (WAN) in recent years is software defined wide area networking, referred to as SD-WAN or iWAN). SD-WAN is commonly mistaken for SDN (software defined networking). Both technologies closely resemble each other and essentially sit...

eBook: 5 common concerns about moving to SIP

When first considering a new technology for your business, there are any number of variables you need to consider.

SIP trunking and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony is no different.

Fortunately many of these concerns are unfounded.

Our free guide - 5 common concerns about moving to SIP -...

eBook: Why your supplier could be costing you more money

If you’ve been tied into an ISDN contract for a number of years with your current provider it’s easy to become complacent with your existing solution.

If it meets your current business needs then why would you ask your current provider about alternative solutions?

Well you should.

Did you...

The light and dark sides of IoT

The buzz phrase “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been used quite heavily in the IT industry in the last four years with more and more people embracing this technology at home and in the workplace.

Even now, you might be wearing some form of IoT device on you that monitors your health,...

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