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[Video] Take an administrator tour around our hosted telephone system dashboard

When we visit our prospective customers, we like to offer supply as much information as possible so they can make excellent decisions on their business communications,

We often demonstrate our products, but in this short video, we can give you a preview tour of the dashboard that runs the...

Call recording – why it should matter to your business

Many businesses and organisations, whether they are in the financial, retail, legal, education or healthcare sectors, fundamentally rely on telephone systems as their major source of communication.

More and more of these are embracing and adopting the benefits that call recording delivers...

Your guide to telecoms fraud

There are several types of telecoms fraud and many names – phone hacking, dial-through fraud, phreaking and PBX fraud. All result in a business paying for calls it did not make.

Telecoms fraud generally involves a third party making long duration calls at the expense of a business. Hackers...

Why do GP surgeries need call recording?

With millions of appointments taking place across the UK per year, a reoccurring aim for GP surgeries is to improve access to care and to offer more flexible appointments to patients.

Telephone triage is a method adopted by many surgeries to help boost such flexibility and safely manage the...

Five ways a hosted telephone system could empower your estate agency

Working in a busy office with a hectic schedule can be highly demanding for estate agents. From managing viewings to liaising with clients, solicitors, surveyors and more, your communications play a crucial part in the day to day operation.

Whether you’re a single site or multi-site estate...

Infographic: Need to link offices

Point to point wireless links or bridges are a reliable alternative to traditional fibre leased lines. They can link two locations when budget and timescale cannot accommodate the substantial dig costs and lead times needed to lay cable into the ground. As long as near line of sight –...

[Video] IT is moving to the cloud – your telephone system will follow

Cloud IT continues to be big news with many businesses placing at least some of their applications on cloud platforms to take advantage of always-on, mobility benefits.

swcomms sales manager Adam Williams has seen this trend first hand and can offer advice on the shift from on-premise...

Think your Internet speeds are too slow for a cloud hosted phone system?

Many potential customers I see have dismissed the idea of a cloud hosted telephone system because they think their Internet connection is not fast enough yet there are so many business benefits that can be gained.

After all, a hosted system requires a good Internet connection, doesn’t it?

[Video]: Redundancy and resiliency – your IT systems need both

In his latest video blog, swcomms’ head of channel sales Colin Woods discusses the need for both redundancy and resiliency in any network.

He describes the real risks involved in using a redundant area of your network in our “sweat the asset”, value-seeking business world.


[Video] The real benefits of Office 365

In this brief video, our Office 365 expert, Laurie Coleman explains all the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 but also allays any fears regarding migration and on-going support.

If your Microsoft Office licence is coming to the end of its life or you are looking to invest in a per month...

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