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Why choose Exchange Online?

Data is becoming ever more valuable to your business and email is no exception to this rule.

Sending and receiving contracts or confirmation of bookings are just two types of activities that rely on email. This means the email hosting platform has become an important factor for businesses....

GP surgeries need call statistics, recording and queuing

For as long as I can remember, GP surgeries have requested at least one, if not all of the following from their telephone system.

1. Call statistics
Surgeries know they are busy at peak times but they also want to know exactly how many calls they answered and, more importantly, how many...

[Guide] Hosted telephone systems: Convince the board

The life of an IT manager is never simple, especially when you have to try to explain your recommendations to a board that may not have the knowledge and expertise that gives you your job title.

We would like to support you with this process.

Keen to adopt a hosted telephone system?

Is your phone system holding you back?

In today’s mobile, fast-moving world, businesses need modern communications to stay competitive. But traditional telephone systems are anything but modern. They no longer meet business needs and can actually restrict your profitability.

Download our eBook – Is your phone system holding you...

Whitepaper: Moving to a new business phone system

Phone systems have been installed in offices of all different sizes for more than 40 years, providing a vital service to the business. Since then, telephone call handling has matured to become intertwined with the day-to-day process of running the business. Practices vary by country or...

eBook: Choosing the right cloud communications solution for your business

Enabling greater flexibility and productivity without the need  for large capital investment, the benefits of cloud  communications enable businesses to free themselves from the limitations of traditional, office-based phone systems.

Given the growth in the market for cloud...

Three signs your school might need an on-premise telephone system

Looking to improve communications at your school? If you’re thinking of an on-premise telephone system but still aren’t quite sure, look at three signs that this type of solution could be perfect for you.

You’ve got an old system that’s no longer maintained
If you’ve got an older or...

[Video] Take an end user tour around our hosted telephone system dashboard

Sometimes it is easier to understand something when you get to see it in action.

This short video will give you a quick tour of the web-based dashboard that faces the end user of the Horizon cloud hosted telephone system we offer.

It is easy to use and provides a whole host of features and...

Creating better customer experiences one call at a time

If you make money using the phone, then your phone system needs to be a business enabler, not inhibiter. Your prospects must be able to reach you in a timely manner. Your customers need to find you wherever you are...at the front desk, in a meeting or outside the office. That’s how you want...

Hang up on your traditional telephone system

When business telephone systems begin to reach the four or five-year mark, it usually means it is time to have a rethink, a refresh or an upgrade. You may experience resistance from your finance director, but it could cost much more in the long term should your system begin to fail.


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