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Big businesses invest in UK data centres

Big data is everywhere with more people generating user generated content (UGC) through a variety of devices which means the tech world is having to find extra data storage space. With customer data expected to reach 1.7 Mbps per person by 2020 through due to work requirements, extensive use...

School web filtering – the old way vs the new way

Traditionally, not-for-profit organisations have supplied web filtering tools to the education sector at county council level.

However, these were not flexible enough to give IT and network managers the tools they wanted to manage their own access parameters.

They certainly did not have...

Keep your business on the rails

Twenty years ago, businesses would more or less grind to a halt when the UK was affected by bad weather, industrial action or major incidents.
With transport strikes on the increase and the yearly risk of rain, snow and other elements affecting your staff’s ability to get to the office,...

Just how does new web filtering in schools work – an example

We give schools an example of how a modern web filtering solution can make their day-to-day internet access so much easier therefore making teachers’ jobs more satisfying while also enhancing pupils’ learning.

Our short presentation above, which includes audio, reveals just how easy it is...

How will VR and AR shape our working life?

The influx of virtual devices has grown exponentially with Samsung, Microsoft and Apple jumping on the bandwagon and offering virtual reality (VR) kits for home users at affordable prices. The result has been consumers buying large numbers of VR headsets in time for Christmas. 


Cyber bullying poses extra concern for schools

When I was growing up, cyber bullying amounted to a few teenage insults over MSN and that was it. If you’d had enough of it, you could simply log off.

With today’s level of social media with apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, it seems like there is no escape from cyber...

Infographic: ISDN is dead long live SIP

Discover why it’s important to get acquainted with SIP trunk providers and make sure you don’t get stuck with outdated technology.

ISDN is quickly getting overtaken by next-generation SIP telephony.

Infographic: Give your IT manager control of your school network

Our latest infographic illustrates just how easy it is for school IT managers to wrestle back control of their own networks with a web filtering solution designed to provide responsible use of the Internet to enhance learning.

Solutions provided by county councils or not-for-profit...

New Year, new you?

So, it’s the New Year when most people make a New Year resolution, mine for example – “More fruit, less KFC!”

Now, businesses may not have to worry about cholesterol, but they should still consider using the New Year to roll in some changes. When asked, I generally give the following...

Infographic: Effective web filtering for schools

Our infographic clearly shows just how easy to is for students and staff to access inappropriate content on your school network using their own devices.

This means your network is also at risk of intrusion via web-borne threats.

Modern school web filtering solutions give you the ability to...

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