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Agility is key to choosing your next telephone system

One of the definitions for agility is “the power of moving quickly and easily”. This is not a term that could be applied to the traditional telephone system.

The traditional telephone system, or PBX as it is known in the industry, is an on-site or on-premise solution. This was fine while...

Call queuing is favoured by GP surgeries

A busy morning at a GP surgery sees receptionists trying to manage a number of calls coming in all at the same time from a long list of patients. The last thing these probably poorly callers need is to be met by an engaged tone.

During this influx of calls, reception staff are also dealing...

Infographic: Six ways leased lines can save you money

In our latest infographic, we give you the low-down on the six ways Internet leased line can save your business money.

If you look over this and decide you want to know more, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on 0800 054 6789 or email us here.

[Video] The business benefits of a hosted telephone system

More and more applications moving to the cloud and voice is just another one of these.

Businesses are beginning to explore the opportunities and benefits provided by cloud hosted telephone systems.

The benefits that are most attractive include cost savings, disaster recovery option,...

A quick and easy guide to moving to a new telephone system

If you’d like some more information on cloud communications, you might find our following resource helpful.

Download our whitepaper: Moving to a new phone system - to see:

  • How do modern phone systems help your business
  • When should you consider changing your phone system
  • What do you...

Infographic: How GP surgeries can deal with incoming calls

Busy mornings at GP surgeries can result in stressed out staff in reception trying to deal with incoming queries. 

This common scenario however can be helped with functions on a telephone system that allow the surgery to handle these calls in a more efficient manner. 

Our infographic below...

Extend your networks with point to point links

Point to point links are the ideal solution for extending local area and wide area networks. This technology is often forgotten when facing challenges to connect to buildings on the other side of busy roads or waterway obstructions, remote locations, semi-rural locations or multi-site...

Schools: Don’t be a victim of phone hacking this summer

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and City of London Police have sent out a warning to schools to prevent them from becoming victims of phone hacking during the summer holidays.

Also known as telecoms fraud, dial-through fraud, PBX fraud and phreaking, this crime sees hackers...

[Video] Take an administrator tour around our hosted telephone system dashboard

When we visit our prospective customers, we like to offer supply as much information as possible so they can make excellent decisions on their business communications,

We often demonstrate our products, but in this short video, we can give you a preview tour of the dashboard that runs the...

Call recording – why it should matter to your business

Many businesses and organisations, whether they are in the financial, retail, legal, education or healthcare sectors, fundamentally rely on telephone systems as their major source of communication.

More and more of these are embracing and adopting the benefits that call recording delivers...

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