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Worried about network and cloud security?

The purpose of cloud is becoming more apparent each day with its ability to allow businesses to be more agile and flexible while providing additional resources when required and a raft of other benefits.

In the traditional sense, IT is something that has grown or has been adapted over a...

Initiate remote working for GP surgery staff

Doctors, practice managers and staff sometimes work from home either for convenience or because they cannot get into the surgery.

This arrangement tends to be more productive, but while their PCs and laptops can remotely work as part of the surgery, they need to use a home or mobile phone...

Scalable communications for multi-academy trusts and federations

Is your school joining a multi-academy trust or federation?

If the answer’s yes, you’ll need the best communications set-up to enhance productivity and share resources across all school sites.

On top of this, you’ll need a telephone system that is scalable and can grow with your trust or...

Infographic: Is your phone system holding you back or helping you fly?

The price you’re paying for your traditional phone system isn’t just made up of direct costs, such as equipment, maintenance and upgrades. You’re also paying hidden indirect costs – and these are the costs that are really damaging your profitability.

See our Infographic: Is your phone...

WiFi can provide value across the entire business

Your data network can now be handled by cloud technology – whether it’s a local area or wide area network.

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed access points (APs) provided by swcomms are monitored and managed on an easy-to-use dashboard suitable for companies of all sizes, but are particularly...

Any complaints about your hotel WiFI service this season?

Hotel guests rely on WiFi. There is no escaping that fact. It’s just as important as a comfortable bed and a hot shower.

If you Google “what are the best WiFi services for hotels”, there are a range of sites that pop up that allow guests to ascertain the quality of a hotel’s WiFi service...

Why choose Exchange Online?

Data is becoming ever more valuable to your business and email is no exception to this rule.

Sending and receiving contracts or confirmation of bookings are just two types of activities that rely on email. This means the email hosting platform has become an important factor for businesses....

GP surgeries need call statistics, recording and queuing

For as long as I can remember, GP surgeries have requested at least one, if not all of the following from their telephone system.

1. Call statistics
Surgeries know they are busy at peak times but they also want to know exactly how many calls they answered and, more importantly, how many...

[Guide] Hosted telephone systems: Convince the board

The life of an IT manager is never simple, especially when you have to try to explain your recommendations to a board that may not have the knowledge and expertise that gives you your job title.

We would like to support you with this process.

Keen to adopt a hosted telephone system?

Is your phone system holding you back?

In today’s mobile, fast-moving world, businesses need modern communications to stay competitive. But traditional telephone systems are anything but modern. They no longer meet business needs and can actually restrict your profitability.

Download our eBook – Is your phone system holding you...

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