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[Video] The real benefits of Office 365

In this brief video, our Office 365 expert, Laurie Coleman explains all the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 but also allays any fears regarding migration and on-going support.

If your Microsoft Office licence is coming to the end of its life or you are looking to invest in a per month...

They’ll put WiFi anywhere these days!

Glastonbury revellers will be able to engage with each other and the outside world through social media, the Internet and email by using hotspots disguised as hedges.

The official mobile partner of the festival, EE, had previously used tractors and plastic cows as the theme for their...

Video blog: Tailor-made availability of your data

Not all cloud solutions are the same. They are more generic if you buy an off-the-shelf or off-the-web solution, while private cloud or data centre solutions give businesses the flexibility to choose exactly what they need.

swcomms head of channel sales Colin Woods urges businesses to...

Infographic: Can you afford not to back up to the cloud?

Backing up your data is crucial to prevent a data disaster. However, a huge number of businesses still have computers that aren't backed up, causing huge risk, which could be disastrously costly for the company.

With this in mind, we look at why your business should be backing up to the...

Infographic: The explosive growth of cloud computing

The process of of storing your data and programs in the cloud instead of a computer's hard drive is continually becoming a large part of how businesses today are operating. This shift towards virtualised services has seen some impressive statistics as an increasing number of companies adopt...

Video blog: Can Skype replace business video conferencing?

In this video blog, Paul Marshall discusses the relevance of video conferencing in the business world and whether companies and organisations are actually using this HD technology or using free resources like Skype.

For extra information on this topic, please see this blog.


Will you know when it’s time to switch to a cloud-hosted phone system?

Most businesses will eventually reach the point when they need to upgrade their telephone systems – both to keep customers happy and to stay ahead of their competition in their respective market.

Sometimes it’s obvious when it’s the right time to move – like when the finance director tells...

Video blog: Three reasons why businesses need web filtering

In brief, the reasons why a business needs web filtering can be summed up using three words: distraction, liability and vulnerability.

Sadly, businesses usually leave it until it’s too late to consider web filtering as a protection they should rely on.

swcomms presales expert David Brace...

Video blog: Poor WiFi or poor connectivity – we explain the difference

How often have you said: “The WiFi here is so slow”? The chances are it’s nothing to do with the WiFi and everything to do with the connectivity that serves it.

In his latest video blog, swcomms’ presales specialist David Brace explains the difference between ‘WiFi’ and ‘connectivity’ for...

Video blog: Cost-effective point to point wireless links release you from ongoing rentals charges

Point to point wireless links are bought on a CAPEX basis so that once they are installed, you own them. This means there are no ongoing rental charges to pay such as those you would experience from leased lines or other forms of connectivity.

There are no dig costs to lay cables either so...

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