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Video blog: Protect your business bandwidth with web filtering

Allowing your employees to use corporate or their own devices to access websites and applications during work time puts pressure on your bandwidth.

By filtering what and when they can view or download, you can help protect your bandwidth and  make sure your business applications are...

Have a need for speed? Point to point wireless links will not let you down

The connectivity speed that your point to point wireless link can achieve will depend on the distance between your locations, but decent speeds are achievable.

Point to point links can deliver between 50Mbps half-duplex to 2Gbps full duplex over distances between 10m to 50km. Smaller...

8 business benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity tool for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform changes the way you work with colleagues and customers, providing you real-time collaboration and co-creation giving you your office, anywhere. 

We look at the top business benefits...

SIP – it’s all about the connection choice

The communications market is in a transitional change at present. The speed of this transition has now accelerated with the announcement from BT that they will no longer support ISDN services from 2020. While many businesses have not heard about SIP services, the channels/lines provided on...

Your Microsoft Office 365 questions answered

According to Microsoft, as a result of using a cloud approach, nearly 80% [of surveyed IT professionals] said they’re saving money, seeing more productivity and have better security.

However, businesses still have questions surrounding Microsoft Office 365 and the benefits it can bring to...

Five reasons why you should switch to Microsoft Office 365

Everyone recognises the Office applications. From Outlook to Excel, businesses universally rely on Office software.

Office 365 is a resilient solution, which gives you all the applications you rely on in a cloud-based productivity suite. Essentially, it’s your office, accessible anywhere.


Video blog: Need to link two offices in super quick time? Check our point to point wireless

swcomms has actually installed point to point wireless links the day after an order being placed. A more realistic timeframe is a few weeks. Waiting a few weeks is much better than the months it can take to lay cable in the ground for leased lines.

If you need to connect two locations in...

Why the IT manager loves Microsoft Office 365

I talk to many IT directors and managers, all trying to manage the compatibility and licensing of multiple versions of Microsoft Office and most of them tell me that this painful process is the main reason why they would move to the cloud version of this suite of applications.


Video blog: Making WiFi work for your hospitality business

Internet access and WiFi will be another cost to your hospitality business but there are neat ways to make it work for you.

Hotels, restaurant, holiday parks etc, can offer WiFi as a facility in exchange for customer emails or Facebook ‘Likes’ that can be used for marketing purposes.


Video blog: Do I need web filtering for my WiFi Internet access?

Being ignorant of what your guests are downloading or viewing on their mobile devices while enjoying the WiFi hospitality of your business is no defence or protection against the effects of unsuitable or malicious content.

Web filtering is key to protecting your network from intrusion and...

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