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eBook: How your telecoms provider can make you more agile

The move to becoming an agile business is not simply a change in corporate mindset. Technology will need to underpin processes. This may mean the use of new software frameworks or the adaptation of existing line-of-business applications. It will also require infrastructure changes for...

eGuide: How to make the move from ISDN to SIP

With the phrase ‘always on’ an expectation rather than a bonus, moving to a modern system is becoming a necessary step for businesses that are serious about how they communicate. 

In this eGuide, we explore how the telecommunications landscape is changing, why businesses are moving and what...

Fact sheet: What are the business benefits of SIP trunking?

Discover how to get more control and flexibility over your business telephony with SIP trunks.

Your voice and data connections are vital components of your business - but so are the costs of running multiple lines, their flexibility and how much control you have over them.

We provide a...

Do schools need to worry about Yellow?

Yellow has been hailed, or reviled by some, as the “Tinder for teens” dating app.

You may have been made aware of Yellow when the NSPCC raised concerns about the app’s lax regulations whereby users can alter their age after they have signed up.

This means older users had been able to hide...

Is your bandwidth prepared for “the cloud”?

It is becoming hard to ignore that “the cloud” is the future and sooner than we think, all applications, communications and services will come from a cloud-based service. The question is, how are you getting these services into your business?
With more than 50% of businesses adopting cloud...

Schools: Don’t be caught out by phone hackers with Christmas

The Christmas holidays provides the ideal opportunity for hackers to dial into business phone systems and do their worst. While businesses may be closed for the week between Christmas and New Year, schools are closed for two or three weeks at the end of 2016 and start of 2017.

This gives...

What on earth are SIP trunks?

The telecoms industry is fond of bandying around acronyms: VoIP, PBX, PSTN, IDSN and more recently…SIP. This is one is actually quite important as it represents the future of voice services for businesses in the UK.  
SIP, or session initiation protocol, trunks have actually been around...

Infographic: Avoid festive telecoms fraud

All too often businesses become the victims of phone hackers and telecoms fraud at Christmas because management and staff alike use weak PINs to gain access to their voicemails.

Four 0s or 1-2-3-4 are very common as they are easy to remember. As are patterns like 1-3-7-9. Some people even...

Sick of festive spamming?

At this time of year, the volume of spam emails seems to increase daily, varying from the annoying ‘special deals’ to the less innocent malicious link regarding your ‘missed package’.

Sometimes identifying these emails is easy and generally those are the least concerning emails, although...

Your guest is your marketing voice

Experience economy
Guest experience economy is catching up with traditional marketing and hospitality media, with billions of impressions shared daily over travel sites which are now the first step of any business or leisure journey. 

Personal travel experience and opinion sharing is...

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