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How can you reduce costs with Office 365?

IT professionals are constantly trying to find solutions to give their colleagues the services and applications they need while simultaneously trying to cut costs.

How can Office 365 help your business achieve these goals?

Services and apps your business needs
We are all familiar with the...

Infographic: Advantages of using point to point wireless links

Our latest infographic illustrates the advantages of using point to point wireless links in the place of leased lines. swcomms has deployed this technology to businesses which would have otherwise paid costly monthly rentals for leased lines.

If you need to link two or more of your offices,...

Video blog: Why would businesses need point to point wireless links?

In his latest video blog, presales specialist David Brace briefly explains what point to point wireless links are and why a business would use them.

If you need to link to another location, but have been put off by the cost of fibre leased lines, then this video is for you.

It is less than...

SMBs: Operate like a large enterprise with Office 365

Microsoft know their stuff when it comes to cloud applications. The popularity of Office 365 bears testament to that fact. But even Microsoft likes to check. Their recent survey of 250 IT professionals confirmed what they already knew and proved a valuable insight into the rapidly changing...

Want improved productivity but don’t know where to start?

In today’s always-on, everywhere-connected business world, it is more than likely you and your team already work long hours and engage with colleagues and customers across disparate locations.

Cloud and mobile technologies let your team work together on-the-fly to make speedier decisions,...

Video blog: Does my business need a resilient network?

The answer may not be “yes” for all businesses. Indeed, it may not be “yes” for all of your data.

The answer really depends on what your business can live with in terms of outages; more accurately, how long your business can cope without access to its IT systems and data.

Colin Woods, our...

Infographic: Key benefits of the right contact centre communications

Contact centre communications have a huge impact on your customer service. Therefore, it's important to consider that your communication and the tools you use are the best they can be. 

With this in mind we look at the key benefits of having an effective and efficient contact centre...

Does your business ever need extra bandwidth?

With thousands of people across Exeter and the surrounding area logging onto the Ticketmaster website at 8.10am on Monday morning to try to secure one of the 50,000 tickets for this year’s BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend at Powderham Castle, it prompted me to reflect on just how much bandwidth is...

Video blog: Businesses really do not need the stress of lost data

In this video blog swcomms’ presales specialist David Brace says: “Life is stressful enough without losing data,” and he is so right.

The financial damage that data loss can cause is potentially ruinous while also damaging to your reputation.

This is why many businesses turn to offsite...

Video blog: Protect your business bandwidth with web filtering

Allowing your employees to use corporate or their own devices to access websites and applications during work time puts pressure on your bandwidth.

By filtering what and when they can view or download, you can help protect your bandwidth and  make sure your business applications are...

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