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Supplier consolidation – what should I be considering?
Posted by Colin Woods on 19/01 at 04:30 PM Large enterprises, SMEs,

Today’s business pace is rapidly changing with the influence of technology, affecting how we do business and how competitive we are. With so many organisations offering bespoke or comparable solutions, the need for supplier consolidation is a major differentiator and...

A lack of web filtering could mean legal action for your school
Posted by Sophie Down on 19/01 at 10:30 AM Education, Web filtering, Education,

Using the web has become a key learning tool for both teachers and pupils, so it is important its use is managed in a safe and secure way. But for members of staff in a busy school, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once. Classrooms are full of pupils scrolling through...

Video blog: Just how does new web filtering in schools work – an example
Posted by David Brace on 15/01 at 11:36 AM Videos and webinars, Education, Web filtering,

swcomms’ presales specialist David Brace gives schools an example of how a modern web filtering solution can make their day to day Internet access so much easier making teachers’ jobs more satisfying while also enhancing pupils’ learning.To read a case study on one of...

Infographic: Five regular telephony problems experienced by schools
Posted by Sophie Down on 12/01 at 12:03 PM Images and graphics, Education, On-premise telephone systems,
Infographic telephone system problems in schools image

If you’re a staff member at a busy school, you’ll understand the array of day-to-day demands and that there really isn’t much time to spare. With this in mind, the following infographic covers five regular telephony problems experienced by schools and, critically, their...

Video blog: The prime reasons why schools must use web filtering
Posted by David Brace on 04/01 at 02:02 PM Videos and webinars, Education, Web filtering,

Schools need web filtering to protect pupils and staff from viewing inappropriate content, to relieve pressure on bandwidth and to protect networks from malicious intrusions and, ultimately, downtime.Our very own web filtering expert, David Brace, gives schools the full...

Video blog: Does your business want to work smarter in 2016?
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 29/12 at 11:55 AM Videos and webinars, On-premise telephone systems,

Extra functionality in telephone systems have given businesses a choice of options to change the way they work.swcomms account manager Khaled El-Din gives a brief insight into how features like unified communications and mobility are re-shaping business to find...

We welcome Government move to enforce web filtering in schools
Posted by Caroline Moore on 22/12 at 10:59 AM Education, Web filtering, Web filtering,

With the Education Secretary pushing plans for every school to use web filtering to protect pupils from exploitation and radicalisation, some schools will be thankful that they are ahead of the curve.Nicky Morgan’s report reveals a need for schools and colleges to keep...

Video blog: Is disaster recovery enough for your business?
Posted by David Brace on 21/12 at 11:27 AM Videos and webinars, Data centre, Disaster recovery,

Protecting your business from potentially critical data loss will present you with the option of disaster recovery or business continuity.How you make that choice has to be based on how long your business can cope without access to the applications and data it relies...

Video blog: What does web filtering actually do and how do I make it work for my business?
Posted by David Brace on 17/12 at 11:54 AM Videos and webinars, Web filtering,

In this video blog, our presales expert David Brace explains how modern web filtering solutions can control content viewed on a ‘who, what, when, when’ basis to ensure your business and your employees do not fall foul of vulnerability, liability and distraction.  ...

Video blog: Can your telephone system really save you money?
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 14/12 at 11:40 AM Videos and webinars, On-premise telephone systems,

swcomms account manager Khaled El-Din discusses how a modern telephone system can help businesses increase sales, reduce costs and improve efficiency. He heralds a blend of features, functionality and connectivity choice as part of an all-encompassing business solution.  ...

Video blog: What businesses are suitable for cloud telephone systems?
Posted by Paul Marshall on 08/12 at 08:01 PM Videos and webinars, Cloud services, Telephone systems,

“I have never seen a system so easy and intuitive to use on a day-to-day basis.”swcomms’ key account manager Paul Marshall shares his thoughts on the benefits of cloud telephony and discusses what types of businesses are most suited to this service.   ...

Change your voicemail PIN today to avoid festive phone fraud
Posted by Caroline Moore on 04/12 at 11:04 AM Landlines and calls, Dial through fraud,
Christmas phone fraud warning image

All too often businesses become the victims of dial-though fraud because management and staff alike use simple PINs to gain access to their voicemails.Four 0s or 1-2-3-4 are very common as they are easy to remember as are patterns like 1-3-7-9. Some people even use their...

Video blog: SIP trunks come with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity solutions
Posted by Paul Marshall on 01/12 at 07:52 PM Videos and webinars, SIP,

By making and receiving calls over an Internet connection – which is essentially what SIP is – you will be better protected in the event of an outage or disaster.Internet connections tend to come with better service level agreements which means they will be back up and...

Video blog: Federate with clients and suppliers to make the most of presence
Posted by Paul Marshall on 24/11 at 06:58 PM Videos and webinars, Unified communications,

Presence has been around for a while now whether provided by your business telephone system or as part of a unified communications package.The ability to build federations to link businesses to their customers and suppliers as well as all their staff is taking presence...

Infographic: Do you remember the 80s?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 17/11 at 03:10 PM Images and graphics, Unified communications,
80s desk image

You may not be old enough to remember the 1980s, but many of us are or have seen enough films and television programmes to have an idea of what it was like.The purpose of this look back in time is to compare the way we worked 30 years ago to the way we can work now.In...

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