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Infographic: What’s the best Internet connectivity for my business?

Businesses continue to rely on broadband for their Internet connectivity despite this being a product that was primarily designed for the domestic market. In the event of an outage, broadband lacks the service level agreements (SLAs) businesses need to make sure they are back online as soon...

Q: Tracker or fixed - which telephone package will suit my business?

A: A mix of the two should see you spending less on your landline and call costs by the end of your contract.But how can this be achieved?

Historically, landline rental charges have been slowly rising while call costs have come down.

To illustrate this point: BT put up their landline...

Infographic: Phone hacking warning - what is it and will my business be affected?

According the Communications Fraud Control Association's latest survey (2015), fraud losses are at $38 billion worldwide. This number is falling over the years, but the issue is a hot topic and one that should remain at the forefront of business communications.

The following infographic...

Has your business suffered a broadband outage?

You have our sympathy. A broadband outage at residential level is inconvenient; an outage at business level can be catastrophic.

For most businesses, Internet connectivity is the most important connection it has - it’s even more important than the telephone.

If your telephone lines are not...

Add mobile devices without having to extend your contract

Ever heard of the word coterminous?

It’s not an everyday word but it’s a useful one to bandy around when it comes to adding devices to a business mobile package.

Many mobile phone providers insist on starting a new contract every time you add a new device to your mobile agreement. This...

My business wants to invest in tablets - is this a good idea?

The ever-changing tides of the tech industry, including the evolution of smartphones and a growing emphasis on mobile working, have changed the way businesses interact. Users now demand more from their company devices as they are increasingly used for both personal and professional matters....

Avoid summer queues with video conferencing

With schools now off for the summer, the holiday season starts in earnest. If you are a business based in a holiday hotspot, travelling around can be a nightmare.

Your usual routes to and from the office or to client’s premises may result in journey times becoming twice as long as you try...

Why should businesses pay more attention to their Internet connection?

Consider an average working week. How many emails do you normally receive by Monday lunchtime? How many phone calls did you receive in the same timeframe?

A quick tally will most likely reveal that you receive more emails on a Monday morning than the total number of calls you receive in a...

Broadband: Internet connectivity not suited to business demands

Our reliance on the Internet is total and we need it to ensure it remains up and running every working day. So why do businesses continue to use a product that was primarily designed for the domestic market?


Is paying for cheaper Internet connectivity a false economy?

Why do businesses risk their connectivity and their primary link to the world by using broadband?

The answer is simple: money

But is paying for cheaper Internet connectivity a false economy? Broadband may be a good value product but is not a stable one.

The Internet connects you to:


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