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Small to medium-sized enterprises can benefit from contact centres too
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 20/02 at 01:55 PM SMEs, Contact centre,

Account manager Khaled El-Din discusses the relevant of contact centres for SMEsMost people seem to think that contact centres are only suited to large companies, like energy and telecoms suppliers or, more recently PPI businesses, with rooms full of people wearing...

Give your staff and pupils the flexibility of mobility
Posted by Richard Walters on 17/02 at 04:24 PM Education,
Using a WLAN to work anywhere at school image

Your staff and your pupils no longer want to be confined to their desks. The range of mobile devices now available gives them the option of working anywhere they can access the school network, or more precisely, the wireless network.And when we talk about mobile devices,...

Schools: Embrace 1:1 education with a local area network
Posted by Caroline Moore on 13/02 at 03:35 PM Education,
Upgrade your school LAN to embrace technology image

In today’s information technology driven world, a fast, secure and reliable local area network (LAN) is vital for schools where there is increasing pressure to embrace technology and to adopt 1:1 education. A LAN will not only streamline working practices and cut costs,...

How does unified communications benefit the legal world?
Posted by Adam Williams on 10/02 at 01:52 PM Law firms, Unified communications,
Benefits of UC for solicitors and law firms image

Quality advice and competitive rates are an essential part of a lawyer’s remit but the way in which they communicate is equally important. It’s the efficient, innovative firms that win more new business as clients become increasingly concerned with responsiveness and lower...

Call recording: good for staff training, resolving disputes and multi-tasking!
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 05/02 at 01:50 PM On-premise telephone systems, Telephone systems,

In this video, swcomms account manager Khaled El-Din reveals the benefits of call recording for businesses.Call recording is rapidly becoming a must-have communications tool for businesses intent on providing excellent customer service.1. Staff training – There is no...

Video blog: Use instant messaging to help retain business
Posted by Paul Marshall on 05/02 at 11:38 AM Videos and webinars, Contact centre, Telephone systems, Unified communications,

In this video blog, swcomms’ key account manager Paul Marshall explores the use of instant messaging as a means of supporting customer service staff that use a contact centre solution.He stresses the importance of retaining business by allowing staff to multi-task using...

Can unified communications gain top grades for schools?
Posted by Adam Williams on 02/02 at 12:25 PM Education, Unified communications,
Voicemail to email in schools image

In today's school environment, efficient communication is crucial. Schools are now adopting phone systems with unified communications (UC) to reap the technology benefits, including cost savings as well as increased student and staff productivity.  Schools are a natural...

Infographic: UC - a unified approach
Posted by Caroline Moore on 29/01 at 01:26 PM Images and graphics, Large enterprises, SMEs, Unified communications,
unified communications image

Communications providers will obviously espouse the virtues of unified communications (UC) for businesses but you cannot beat a good statistic to gain a good idea as to a solution’s worth. The infographic below makes easy reading if your business is looking to boost...

Video blog: Clunky or slick? How would you describe your voicemail service?
Posted by Paul Marshall on 27/01 at 11:38 AM Videos and webinars, Telephone systems, Unified communications,

Voicemail is a wonderful thing. Or is it? When you get back to your desk you see a light flashing on your telephone handset, you log back into your phone and the punch in a PIN to retrieve the message.But how long were you away from your desk for? Was it an urgent...

How have contact centres changed?
Posted by James Hooker on 26/01 at 01:12 PM Large enterprises, SMEs, Contact centre,
How contact centres have changed image

We have all experienced contact centres, in the UK and abroad, and have probably formed our own opinions about them. Are they still just a streamlined means of handling calls, whatever the size of the business, or should they now embrace all forms of...

Achieve your work/life balance with home working
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 23/01 at 11:05 AM On-premise telephone systems, Telephone systems,

In this video, swcomms account manager Khaled El-Din discusses how modern telephone systems can accommodate the needs of home workers for businesses that offer flexible working conditionsWith many people seeking a better work/life balance, home working has become more...

Infographic: A unique value for all users
Posted by Caroline Moore on 20/01 at 11:09 AM Images and graphics, Unified communications,
Infographic: A unique value for all users image

Unified communications (UC) is an investment for the whole business but how it is used by the different individuals that make up a company is very varied story. Our infographic below clearly illustrates the pain points suffered at every level in a business, which can all...

Searching for replacement parts on the Internet for your obsolete telephone system?
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 15/01 at 11:00 AM On-premise telephone systems, Telephone systems,

In this video, swcomms account manager Khaled El-Din discusses the risks of an obsolete telephone systemIf this sounds like something you have been forced to do because your business telephone system is no longer supported by the manufacturer, then you really need to...

Video blog: Relocation - A perfect time to change a telephone system
Posted by Khaled El-Din on 08/01 at 11:39 AM Videos and webinars, On-premise telephone systems, Relocation,

When businesses move they usually have a budget available to facilitate a change of location and often take the opportunity to have a strategic overview of their communications practice.Khaled El-Din has helped multiple businesses and public sector organisations make the...

Is UC the new PBX?
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 05/01 at 04:31 PM On-premise telephone systems, Unified communications,
Unified communications image

Communication technology for business is moving at a rapid pace and there are so many options available for businesses today.  The history of the PBX development The history of unified communications (UC) is tied to the evolution of the supporting technology. ...

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