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Is paying for cheaper Internet connectivity a false economy?

Why do businesses risk their connectivity and their primary link to the world by using broadband?

The answer is simple: money

But is paying for cheaper Internet connectivity a false economy? Broadband may be a good value product but is not a stable one.

The Internet connects you to:


What are the business alternatives to broadband?

With broadband offering an unstable service with no guaranteed uptime, fix time or speeds, what are the alternatives for a business that needs to stay connected at all times?

If you are paying between £10 and £40 for a connectivity product, you know in your heart of hearts that does not buy...

Don’t turn a blind eye to phone hacking

Reliable statistics are hard to come by when it comes to phone hacking or dial-through fraud (DTF) but customer experiences are evidence enough in our opinion.

This crime, also known as phreaking, fixed line or phone fraud, is on the rise with The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau...

Do BT price rises make you rethink your supplier?

With BT on the brink of putting up their line prices for the sixth time in the last five years, many businesses may be tempted to move their business to another supplier.

And no-one would blame them for looking around. In total, these price rises represent a 21.73% increase from £14.87 per...

Businesses should get in on the bundles action

Domestic media bundles offering telephone lines, broadband, TV and mobiles from one supplier are everywhere right now. But what about business bundles?

And just as consolidating telephone lines, broadband, TV and mobile costs seems attractive in the home, the same benefits can be reaped in...

Use unified communications to embrace flexible working requests

New rules have come into force today that allow all employees with 26 weeks or more service to request flexible working conditions, which employers in turn must address in a "reasonable manner".

Until now, you only had the right to request flexible working hours if you had children under 17...

Infographic: Give your IT manager control of your school network

Our latest infographic illustrates just how easy it can be to manage and set parameters to control what your pupils and staff can view on the web while they are at school.


Infographic: Effective web filtering controls what your pupils and staff can see

Schools and colleges need to protect their networks from the downtime and disruption caused by web-borne threats. They also need to prevent pupils and staff from viewing inappropriate content and manage their use of social media, online games, instant messaging, etc, irrespective of whether...

Webinar recording for GP surgeries: Using telephony technology to cope with 2014’s challenges

In this recording of this free webinar designed specifically for GP surgery practice managers and/or IT or network managers, our top business advisor to health professionals, Adam Williams advised on using telephony technology to cope with 2014's challenges.

Infographic for estate agents: Are you answering all your calls?

Estate agents are often away from their desks on viewings and valuations. Make sure you never miss that all important call by forwarding calls to your mobile, a branch office or your customer services team.

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