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Broadcast messages to pupils with your school telephone system

Using a telephone system to save receptionists having to repeat the same message over and over again will save school staff valuable time.

Parents and carers often ring in with similar queries about the timing of an event such as a school play, a parents’ evening, etc or to see if an event...

Does your business need call recording?

Call recording is being used by more and more businesses, not only for those governed by compliance requirements, but also by businesses that wish to protect themselves in a litigious society.

The Financial Services Association, for instance, demands that voice transactions can be as easily...

A guide to call recording for your telephone system

Call recording comes in a two flavours depending on the requirement of the business.

Most modern telephone systems now have the ability to record calls on an ad hoc basis by simply pressing a button to begin recording. The recording is then usually saved in a voicemail box for retrieval...

Let your school telephone system take the strain

Many schools and colleges continue to struggle with out-of-date telephony equipment, unaware of the benefits that a simple upgrade could provide, especially in terms of alleviating the strain often experienced by reception staff at key times of the days.

The front end of the system is where...

Transform your Apple iPad and iPhone into a desk phone

South West Communications Group is proud to lead the way in offering the very latest in telecommunications technology and we are now able to offer you the new ShoreTel Dock - the first and only device for business use that transforms the Apple® iPad® and iPhone® into desk phones.


Benefits of using point to point microwave

Using a point to point microwave link as part of your wide area network (WAN) has many benefits.

This technology is completely private, reliable and robust, but that’s not all:

Rapid ROI
Leased lines are physical cables that attract a rental fee year on year. Microwave links connect via...

Could microwave links replace your expensive leased lines?

A recent survey revealed that medium sized businesses spend an average of £18,000 per annum on leased lines and despite this; these businesses remain loyal to their suppliers for an average of seven years.

While leased line technology definitely has its place in long distance point to point...

Video conferencing

Gone are the days of stuttering pictures and conversations that are out of sync with the speaker’s lips.

The combination of high definition picture quality and faster bandwidth has transformed video conferencing into an everyday, real-time tool that can replicate the intimacy of a face to...

Protecting pupils from danger on the Internet

Managing Internet access can be an administrative nightmare for schools and colleges who wish to encourage their pupils to enjoy the benefits of the information it holds while trying to protecting them from malicious or inappropriate content.

While most schools and colleges have...

The pressures on data networks in schools and colleges

In today’s IT-driven world, a fast, secure and reliable data network is vital for schools and colleges, where there is increasing pressure to embrace technology to streamline working practices and to prepare children for the world of technology that awaits them beyond education.

Schools and...

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