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Refresh your knowledge and enhance your telephone system functionality

When you chose swcomms as your telephone system supplier, your decision was undoubtedly based on assurances of longevity and flexibility of the solution to grow and adapt as your business or organisation changes and our commitment to ongoing commercial and technical support.

From time to...

Infographic: Where’s the traffic jam in your network?

Ever considered the traffic that's building up on your school or college's network? This infographic will give you a clear idea of the amount of devices that are now fighting for bandwoidth and a solution to the jams that will inevitably occur. 

Disaster recovery v business continuity

Protecting your business from potentially devastating data loss will present you with the choice of disaster recovery or business continuity.

How you make that choice has to be based on how long your business can cope without its access to the applications and data it normally relies on?

Take people out of the equation with automatic backup

Most businesses use data backup to protect themselves against the damaging effects of data loss but there are many forms of data backup and some are more reliable than others, with the main difference being the level of human intervention.

Businesses may already use one of the following...

Data loss: a corporate killer

Flooding and fire can cause devastation to a business but the loss of data can be just as damaging.

Whether it is from your servers, storage or application devices, PCs, etc, data loss can be irritating at best and financially crippling at worst.

If you lose data and are unable to retrieve...

What’s jamming your school network?

It is undoubtedly a worthwhile exercise for IT and network managers of schools and colleges to consider what is using their local area network (LAN) as they come under more and more pressure.

The rather flippant answer is: “Most things with a plug!”

  • The real answer is rather more complex...

Three steps to effective web filtering for schools and colleges

Deploying efficient web filtering in schools and colleges is a 3-step process.

1.    Choose your Internet connection wisely
For smaller, primary schools, broadband may be enough. Larger schools may require Ethernet First Mile (EFM) or even leased lines. The types of connectivity available...

Are you keeping up with your pupils’ technology journey?

Nearly 89% of the UK’s secondary school pupils can get onto the Internet via a PC at home and 73% of *10-year-olds have a mobile phone. Technology and the way we communicate have come a long way in just one generation.

Is your school keeping up?

Just 25 years ago, school children were...

Fighting the threats to your school’s network

The stats on spam and viruses are alarming. They are even more alarming when you are trying to protect young people from the dangers that lurk on the web, which ultimately pose a threat to your school’s network.

Here are some of those stats...

  • 500% increase in the number of websites...

What are the key pressures on school telephone systems?

School receptionists are particularly busy at the start and the end of the day when there is a large influx of incoming calls.

The nature of these calls can include:

  • Pupil illness
  • Mislaid or forgotten kit
  • Event timings
  • Late pick-ups
  • After-school clubs

Modern telephone systems have...

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