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The pressures on data networks in schools and colleges

In today’s IT-driven world, a fast, secure and reliable data network is vital for schools and colleges, where there is increasing pressure to embrace technology to streamline working practices and to prepare children for the world of technology that awaits them beyond education.

Schools and...

Why change your telephone system?

There are many reasons why a business would opt to change its telephone system, some more urgent than others. Whatever the reason, such a change requires some forethought and planning to achieve a seamless transfer.

The most compelling reasons for a telephone system change or upgrade...

Deploying an alternative network to support VoIP

Should an IP audit reveal that a business’s existing network cannot support an IP telephone system and voice traffic (VoIP), the alternative would be to deploy a separate dedicated voice network.

This can be achieved with an entirely separate physical network or by using virtual local area...

Why is an IP audit important?

Before installation of an IP telephone system onto a data network it is important to understand how the resulting voice (VoIP) traffic would affect it in terms of data transmission speeds and also whether it is capable of providing the necessary quality of service for the calls.

It is...

To IP or not to IP…that is the question

As businesses look to reduce their communications overheads, many may turn towards IP telephony and IP telephone systems as a way of making savings.

A converged voice and data network eliminates the costs of supporting and maintaining separate networks as well as offering significant...

If only law firms had more time….

Is video conferencing the answer to lawyers juggling the needs of several clients and multiple meetings?

You have several cases to deal with today and they are all in different locations.

Time, as always, is of the essence.

You could possibly defer a meeting or delegate someone else to...

Communicating when on the move is key for solicitors

A solicitor's life is not a sedentary one. As with any professional job role, there is an element of desk work but solicitors spend just as much time in client meetings or representing them in court.

Law firms then face the challenge of ensuring their fee earners remain contactable when...

Other health centres have trusted us to provide their new telephone systems

Replacing an existing telephone system can be confusing and time-consuming but the choice is made a lot easier when you can take a recommendation from someone you know.

Health centres and GP surgeries, such as Luson Surgery, Cherrybrook Medical Centre, Parkside Family Practice, Ringwood...

Teamwork is the answer to dealing with the early morning rush for GP surgeries

As patients watch the clock for 8am to appear, health centre receptionists across the UK take a collective deep breath as they anticipate the barrage of calls that will hit them just seconds later.

Monday mornings are undoubtedly the worst with patients, who have been hanging on through the...

Sharing staff resources helps streamline call handling for multi-site GP practices

In recent years, some GP practices and health centres have merged with others to form GP groups or have branched out opening other sites to better serve the needs of their local population.

It is not unusual for a practice to be spread across two, three or even four sites. This can create...

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