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Savings and growth: How one easy telecoms change can drive both
Posted by James Hooker on 07/07 at 10:00 AM SIP,

Business demands are constantly changing. Between employee fluctuation and seasonal changes, it’s hard to not overspend on telecoms. Analogue technology, known as PSTN, or digital ISDN lines require additional wiring and installation if you want to scale and can quickly...

Secure business interactions with end-to-end encryption
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 04/07 at 10:00 AM Security, Unified communications, ShoreTel,
End to end encryption for UC image

With security such a high priority for businesses across the globe, a European Parliament committee has lent its weight to the trend by encouraging the use of online encryption for all digital communications to protect the privacy of its citizens.We are used to apps such...

Talk, type and tell Office 365 everything with Dictate
Posted by Matt Gifford on 30/06 at 10:00 AM Office 365,
Office 365 banner

Microsoft Office 365 is constantly being updated to enhance its growing showcase of apps. The most recent app to come out of the Microsoft garage is Dictate. This new app follows in the footsteps of dictation applications that have been on the market for more than decade,...

Law firm cyber-attack reveals serious vulnerabilities
Posted by Caroline Moore on 27/06 at 05:20 PM Data centre, Law firms, Security,
solicitor holding his head after being hacked

Today’s ransomware attack on global law firm DLA Piper illustrates just how vulnerable the legal sector is to cyber-crime and the immediate need for a review of data backup policies.DLA Piper is a global law firm with lawyers located in more than 40 countries throughout...

Queen’s speech turns spotlight on data protection
Posted by Colin Woods on 27/06 at 10:00 AM Security,
Personal data security image

As the political analysis of the Queen’s speech settles, the Government and businesses will begin placing emphasis on data protection during the next year to meet the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation as well as a new digital...

Don’t let poor WiFi dampen the festive vibe
Posted by Glenn Fletcher on 23/06 at 10:00 AM Wi-Fi,
Festival WiFi image

Summer is kicking into gear and the festival season is well and truly here. With events occurring across the UK, music-lovers’ want access to the internet to share their enjoyment.Being able to share your festival experience with friends, family or just other festival...

Test your data backups regularly to guard against ransomware
Posted by Colin Woods on 20/06 at 10:00 AM Disaster recovery, Security,

With University College London struck down by a ransomware attack which brought down its shared drives and student management system, we would urge businesses and organisations to pay renewed attention to their data backup procedures.Last week’s cyber-attack, thought to...

What makes the health service so vulnerable to ransomware attacks?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 16/06 at 10:00 AM Data centre, Healthcare, Security,
Ransomware attacks health service image

With the dust settling on the recent WannaCry ransomware attack on the recent NHS, we consider what makes the health service such an attractive target.The simple answer is records. The NHS holds millions of records on practically everyone who lives in the UK. This kind...

Microsoft OneNote: A hit with students and teachers
Posted by Ash Khagram on 13/06 at 10:00 AM Images and graphics, Education, Office 365,

The days of writing your notes on a pad at high speed to capture the relevant points of a lecture or information from a workshop is becoming a thing of the past. Today, modern lecture halls have a sea of students hiding behind laptops, tablets and other devices to take all...

Is your business GDPR-ready?
Posted by Colin Woods on 09/06 at 10:00 AM
GDPR law image

With latest figures revealing 71% of UK businesses are unaware of the fines they will incur if they do not meet the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), I share an industry-wide concern that most businesses will not be ready when the legislation comes into effect...

Is the Internet of Things safe from hackers?
Posted by Ash Khagram on 06/06 at 10:00 AM Security,
IoT security image

As the Internet of Things gathers momentum and devices are being developed for use in your home, at work, the car and on your body, how do you know which one is keeping your data safe?When you purchase household appliances, you may decide to check the safety rating and...

Why your business telephone system should integrate with your applications
Posted by Adam Williams on 02/06 at 10:00 AM Telephone systems, Unified communications, ShoreTel,
ShoreTel Connect business telephone systems image

The technology you use in the office should enhance your ability to do business. That’s what technology does. Yet, the same technology that helped you serve clients better just a short five or 10 years ago can just as easily hinder your staff’s ability to work as fast or...

IT power failure: Could your business survive a BA-style blackout?
Posted by Colin Woods on 30/05 at 10:00 AM Data centre,
BA IT failure image

With British Airways declaring a power cut as the reason for their IT issues over the bank holiday weekend, we question how this could ever happen.To recap, the airline was hit by a worldwide computer system power failure on Saturday, causing cancellations and delays for...


Law firms often do not have the time or the in-house resource to research the communications and IT solutions that would best fit their needs. As an independent supplier, we can design a converged solution to alleviate the stress of dealing with multiple suppliers while...

Does your business telephone system meet your needs?
Posted by Simon Dunstan on 23/05 at 10:00 AM Telephone systems, Unified communications, ShoreTel,
ShoreTel Connect modern day telephone system image

If your telephone system works, you might think that’s all that matters. But thinking that all you need is a dial tone could be preventing your users from communicating effectively – internally and externally. If you’re using a legacy PBX system, it may not be meeting...

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