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Alleviate the early morning jam on school telephone systems
Posted by Caroline Moore on 30/05 at 09:12 AM Education, On-premise telephone systems, Education, Telephone systems,
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The stress put on school telephone systems and receptionist staff, trying to handle the early morning call rush, is a well-known frustration in the school office but it is equally frustrating for parents or carers trying to call in.While there may well be calls that...

SIP trunking: what are the top three benefits?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 20/05 at 10:29 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Landlines and calls, SIP,
SWComms SIP trunking blog post image

SIP trunking is a cost-effective way of making calls over the Internet using leased lines and an IP-based telephone system to make business calls. Our latest blog and infographic details the three main benefits of SIP trunks to make it easier for businesses to make a...

What are SIP trunks? A simple explanation for businesses
Posted by Caroline Moore on 15/05 at 08:08 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Landlines and calls, SIP,
SWComms SIP trunking blog post image

What are SIP trunks or what is SIP trunking are questions often asked by customers and prospects alike.It is a shame that a SIP trunk is not a tangible thing that you can just pick up and have a good look at, but the reality is that it is a language or protocol.Still...

Phreaking warnings need to be heeded
Posted by Caroline Moore on 29/04 at 10:26 AM Large enterprises, SMEs, Landlines and calls, On-premise telephone systems, Dial through fraud,
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Phreaking, toll or dial-through has been a hot topic of many emails, bill enclosures, website news stories and press releases sent out to our customers and prospects, but sometimes it takes a headline from a different source to make people sit up and take notice.A recent...

Switching from your 0844 number need not be a headache for practice managers
Posted by Caroline Moore on 08/04 at 03:59 PM Healthcare, Landlines and calls, Healthcare, Landlines and calls,
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It seems the spectre of 0844 numbers is still an issue for some health centres despite Government measures brought out three years ago to ban practices from charging any more than the local rate.In short, the Government measures were brought in to stop health centres...

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