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Help your school receptionists do a better job
Posted by Jane Atkins on 13/10 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Education, Telephone systems,
School receptionist image

Schools receptionists need help no matter what the size of school they serve. In helping your receptionists, your school will benefit from more efficient and cost-effective communications.The truth is that most receptionists are not just receptionists. They tend to look after the...

Moving to the cloud: Why your phone system is a great place to start
Posted by Adam Williams on 03/10 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Telephone systems, Unified communications,
Cloud phone systems image

Despite growing adoption rates, many businesses still aren’t ready to make a full-scale move to cloud-based technologies.If you are among those who want to take a measured approach to cloud adoption, look no further than your phone system as a great place to start. By working with a...

GP surgeries should consider cloud-hosted telephony to find savings
Posted by James Hooker on 08/08 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Healthcare, Telephone systems,
Embrace technology to find savings image

Law firms often do not have the time or the in-house resource to research the communications and IT solutions that would best fit their needs. As an independent supplier, we can design a converged solution to alleviate the stress of dealing with multiple suppliers while benefiting...

Integrate: Don’t compromise on your cloud environment
Posted by Colin Woods on 04/04 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Data centre,
Integrate don't compensate image

We live in an integrated world, where everything talks to everything else. It’s a world of unified communications where I can leave a voice message on your desk phone and you can see it on your mobile as an email; a world where I can look at Google or Bing maps on my desktop and send...

Keep your business on the rails
Posted by Ash Khagram on 13/01 at 03:38 PM Cloud services, Internet connectivity, Office 365, Telephone systems, Unified communications,
Railway tracks image

Twenty years ago, businesses would more or less grind to a halt when the UK was affected by bad weather, industrial action or major incidents.   With transport strikes on the increase and the yearly risk of rain, snow and other elements affecting your staff’s ability to get to the...

Is your bandwidth prepared for “the cloud”?
Posted by Caroline Moore on 16/12 at 10:54 AM Internet connectivity, Cloud services,

It is becoming hard to ignore that “the cloud” is the future and sooner than we think, all applications, communications and services will come from a cloud-based service. The question is, how are you getting these services into your business?   With more than 50% of businesses...

Six secret tools of Office 365
Posted by Ash Khagram on 22/11 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Office 365,
Office 365 hidden tools image

If you mention Microsoft Office 365, most people will recognise it as the suite of business tools that provides Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. But there are a host of others that could be equally beneficial.We would not want anyone to miss out on the tools they already have at...

GP surgeries: Prepare for the busiest time of the year
Posted by Jane Atkins on 17/11 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Healthcare, SIP, Telephone systems,
GP surgery busy period image

The main challenge GP surgeries will face in the next few months is the increase in patient calls. The winter months, which GPs class as December to March, are relentless. Already stretched surgeries feel under increased pressure at this time of the year.Added pressure on telephone...

In domains we trust
Posted by Ash Khagram on 04/11 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Office 365,

With more than 500 websites created daily, how do we trust the website we visit is a real deal or just a spam site? Consumers are very savvy to what a business address should look like and lose trust in broadband-provided website addresses and, by association, email addresses. Here...

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