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How secure is the cloud?

Figures show that 84%* of UK businesses have adopted the use of cloud-based services. This figure is set to increase illustrating just how willing businesses are to experience the benefits of these solutions.

However, a question for many businesses still remains. “How secure is the cloud?”...

Could a hybrid cloud setup be perfect for your business?

The 2015 State of the Cloud Survey clearly shows a significant growth in cloud adoption. Organisations large and small are weighing up different strategies and deciding what’s best for their business. Most companies know that moving to the cloud is where they want to be with 84%* of UK...

Video blog: My cloud based telephone system is providing poor service – what can I do?

Very often the issue won’t be the cloud telephone system that’s the problem but the connectivity you are running it on.

Broadband, which was designed for the domestic market, simply will not cut it. Your business needs better connectivity.

swcomms account manager Khaled El-Din explains...

Video blog: What businesses are suitable for cloud telephone systems?

“I have never seen a system so easy and intuitive to use on a day-to-day basis.”

swcomms’ key account manager Paul Marshall shares his thoughts on the benefits of cloud telephony and discusses what types of businesses are most suited to this service.

Are you benefiting from the competitive advantages offered by cloud-based CRM services?

To print or not to print? Do you email PDFs and send URL links? Do you compose an email or use instant messaging? Do you have visibility of someone’s availability and presence without physically driving to any fixed office location?

The 80s and 90s saw companies change and adopt new ways of...

Cloud telephony - a solution for all businesses?

Cloud-hosted telephony is the perfect solution for businesses that want to move with the times by investing in a quality telephone system but do not want to incur significant capital outlay in the process.

But does it suit all businesses?

We believe a cloud-hosted IP telephone system can...

Save your capex and switch to opex with a cloud telephone system

Telephone systems need upgrading from time to time so they do not become obsolete and leave your business in a vulnerable position if it fails.

Some businesses try to avoid replacing their telephone system for as long as possible to avoid the capital expenditure involved in purchasing new...

New businesses enjoy the flexibility and stability of cloud telephone system

Having just completed a case study on a business that has started using our cloud voice service, it struck me that similar businesses should consider an off-site telephony solution as an option too.

The business in question was a new business. The husband and wife team had started their...

Can you escape to the cloud when disaster strikes?

If your organisation had to contend with extended power outages, flooding, fuel shortages or transportation limitations, would business continuity be affected? Or would these circumstances result in significant downtime and potential loss of revenue and reputation?

Disasters are no longer...

Don’t let a lack of data backup allow your business to grind to a halt

Do you remember the last time your business had a power cut? Businesses are so reliant on their IT systems that when the screens go blank, everything grinds to a halt.

Now imagine what would happen if you experienced a major loss of company data....

The screens go blank, but this time, the...

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