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Keep your business on the rails

Twenty years ago, businesses would more or less grind to a halt when the UK was affected by bad weather, industrial action or major incidents.
With transport strikes on the increase and the yearly risk of rain, snow and other elements affecting your staff’s ability to get to the office,...

Is your bandwidth prepared for “the cloud”?

It is becoming hard to ignore that “the cloud” is the future and sooner than we think, all applications, communications and services will come from a cloud-based service. The question is, how are you getting these services into your business?
With more than 50% of businesses adopting cloud...

Six secret tools of Office 365

If you mention Microsoft Office 365, most people will recognise it as the suite of business tools that provides Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. But there are a host of others that could be equally beneficial.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the tools they already have at their...

GP surgeries: Prepare for the busiest time of the year

The main challenge GP surgeries will face in the next few months is the increase in patient calls. The winter months, which GPs class as December to March, are relentless. Already stretched surgeries feel under increased pressure at this time of the year.

Added pressure on telephone systems...

In domains we trust

With more than 500 websites created daily, how do we trust the website we visit is a real deal or just a spam site? Consumers are very savvy to what a business address should look like and lose trust in broadband-provided website addresses and, by association, email addresses. Here are the...

[Guide] How to overcome the barriers to telecoms scalability

If you are on the brink of growing your business, this is a serious question for your IT manager or director. To be more specific:

Can you easily add extra lines and extensions?

We want to encourage growth. A healthier economy is good for the B2C and B2B markets, but you don’t need to...

Grow your business with cloud communications

Planning your transition to cloud communications- download our eBook to see:

  • The importance of understanding your current assets and capabilities
  • What can and needs to be tailored to your business and way of working
  • How to transition without business interruption
  • Who needs training
  • ...

Need to link GP surgeries?

As more and more GP surgeries move to federations, localities or CCGs to help them find economies of scale and shared staff resources in the face of an ever increasing pressure to offer extended opening hours, we find we are being called upon to offer our advice on how to link two or more...

Your phone system no longer meets your needs

The private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system has been at the heart of business communications for a long time; too long, in fact.

In a world of mobile working, rapid market changes, rising customer and employee expectations and increasing business collaboration, traditional phone...

Worried about network and cloud security?

The purpose of cloud is becoming more apparent each day with its ability to allow businesses to be more agile and flexible while providing additional resources when required and a raft of other benefits.

In the traditional sense, IT is something that has grown or has been adapted over a...

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