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Video blog: Tailor-made availability of your data

Not all cloud solutions are the same. They are more generic if you buy an off-the-shelf or off-the-web solution, while private cloud or data centre solutions give businesses the flexibility to choose exactly what they need.

swcomms head of channel sales Colin Woods urges businesses to...

Video blog: Businesses really do not need the stress of lost data

In this video blog swcomms’ presales specialist David Brace says: “Life is stressful enough without losing data,” and he is so right.

The financial damage that data loss can cause is potentially ruinous while also damaging to your reputation.

This is why many businesses turn to offsite...

Video blog: The availability of your data is the availability of your business

Colin Woods discusses the demand for 24/7 availability of data in an always-on society and the subsequent changing face of data backup and flow.

He debates the need for constant data accessibility for staff that work on and offsite, and the trend that has seen businesses move their data...

N+2 redundancy provides the resilient power your servers need

As the owner of a purpose-built data centre, we are always highlighting its virtues to existing and potential customers.

We are proud of the fact we designed and implemented the first purpose-built, dedicated server hosting data centre in the south west of England back in 2001.

It provides...

To virtualise or not to virtualise?

This is a question that may businesses have asked themselves in recent years, but with the revolution of the cloud and a strong focus on reducing costs, virtualisation has become a key technology that is a must for the growing enterprise, just as much as it is becoming a necessity for the...

Why now is a good time to consider an off-site comms room

Running an IT comms room is an expensive business and the day-to-day costs are not going to get any cheaper, so is it time to consider a cheaper and more resilient off-site alternative?

Your business IT communications systems require:

  • Physical space
  • Clean power
  • Reliable Internet...

Disaster recovery v business continuity

Protecting your business from potentially devastating data loss will present you with the choice of disaster recovery or business continuity.

How you make that choice has to be based on how long your business can cope without its access to the applications and data it normally relies on?

Take people out of the equation with automatic backup

Most businesses use data backup to protect themselves against the damaging effects of data loss but there are many forms of data backup and some are more reliable than others, with the main difference being the level of human intervention.

Businesses may already use one of the following...

Data loss: a corporate killer

Flooding and fire can cause devastation to a business but the loss of data can be just as damaging.

Whether it is from your servers, storage or application devices, PCs, etc, data loss can be irritating at best and financially crippling at worst.

If you lose data and are unable to retrieve...

Businesses that rely on data need a data centre

With businesses expected to move away from on-premises IT consumption and towards more managed, hosted and cloud services, data centres will need to be prepared for a rise in business customers.

A Canalys report* estimated that 71% of UK businesses were using an on-premises IT...

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