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Change your voicemail PIN today to avoid festive phone fraud

All too often businesses become the victims of dial-though fraud because management and staff alike use simple PINs to gain access to their voicemails.

Four 0s or 1-2-3-4 are very common as they are easy to remember as are patterns like 1-3-7-9. Some people even use their extension numbers....

Schools are at risk from phone hacking

We have often issued warnings to businesses and public sector organisations about the threat of phone hacking or dial-through fraud, but we have never issued a specific warning to schools.

Until today....

I recently made contact with the bursar of Hillbourne Primary in Broadstone, Dorset...

Telecoms fraud: The hot topic businesses cannot ignore

In the most recent issue of Comms Dealer – one of the industry’s leading publications – an entire double-page spread was dedicated to the topic of telecoms fraud.

In recent years, we have regularly informed our customers about the threat of dial-through fraud and phone hackers via emails,...

Infographic: Phone hacking warning - what is it and will my business be affected?

According the Communications Fraud Control Association's latest survey (2015), fraud losses are at $38 billion worldwide. This number is falling over the years, but the issue is a hot topic and one that should remain at the forefront of business communications.

The following infographic...

Don’t turn a blind eye to phone hacking

Reliable statistics are hard to come by when it comes to phone hacking or dial-through fraud (DTF) but customer experiences are evidence enough in our opinion.

This crime, also known as phreaking, fixed line or phone fraud, is on the rise with The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau...

A guide to telephone fraud threats

There are many types of telephone system fraud but all result in a company paying for calls that were not made by or on behalf of the company in its normal course of business.

Some of these frauds are perpetrated by employees and others through criminals hacking into the network.

There are...

Phreaking warnings need to be heeded

Phreaking, toll or dial-through has been a hot topic of many emails, bill enclosures, website news stories and press releases sent out to our customers and prospects, but sometimes it takes a headline from a different source to make people sit up and take notice.

A recent BBC Radio 4 news...