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Five ways a hosted telephone system could empower your estate agency

Working in a busy office with a hectic schedule can be highly demanding for estate agents. From managing viewings to liaising with clients, solicitors, surveyors and more, your communications play a crucial part in the day to day operation.

Whether you’re a single site or multi-site estate...

Infographic for estate agents: Are you answering all your calls?

Estate agents are often away from their desks on viewings and valuations. Make sure you never miss that all important call by forwarding calls to your mobile, a branch office or your customer services team.

Estate agents use call recording to improve customer service

Estate agents need excellent customer service so the communications skills of frontline staff are crucial. Training is an intrinsic part of making sure those skills are honed to perfection. Call recording can prove an essential aid to improve staff training to ensure it is both meaningful...

Joined-up communications for multi-site estate agents

When the phone rings at an estate agent’s office, someone needs to pick it up. It could be a potential sale, instruction or viewing. But at times it can be difficult to make sure all calls are answered, let alone within 3 or 4 rings or whatever the company expectation is.

Bradleys Estate...

Estate agents: Can your telephone system cope with the 24/7 society?

The way people look for a new home has changed in line with the world’s move towards a 24/7 society. While most estate agencies have embraced the online property platform revolution, others have gone one step further by making sure they are on the other end of a phone when potential buyers...

Can estate agents ever afford to miss a call?

As the UK continues to recover from the recession, the property market has become active again with potential buyers showing more interest and estate agents receiving more instructions.

This is certainly not the time for missing any incoming calls.

An incoming call to an estate agent could...