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Infographic: Is your hotel network optimised for a superior guest experience?

Guests expect to be able to use their mobile devices in the same way as they would at home and at work.

They also expect to use quality in-room TV services.

Meanwhile they expect your staff to be highly responsive to their needs.

Your data network could hold the key to providing the very...

Infographic: Optimise your hotel network and your costs

Your number one goal is to delight your customers while keeping operational costs under control.

The good news is end-to-end guest experience and efficient operations are possible at optimised costs.

Find out how you can:

  • Leverage past investments
  • Accelerate ROI with occupancy-based...

Two most common complaints about guest WiFi

Decent guest WiFi is critical to hotels in terms of providing excellent customer service, gaining decent reviews or even securing a room booking in the first place.

We take a look at the two most common complaints about guest WiFi and a give few tips on how you can address them:


Video blog: Making WiFi work for your hospitality business

Internet access and WiFi will be another cost to your hospitality business but there are neat ways to make it work for you.

Hotels, restaurant, holiday parks etc, can offer WiFi as a facility in exchange for customer emails or Facebook ‘Likes’ that can be used for marketing purposes.


Video blog: Do I need web filtering for my WiFi Internet access?

Being ignorant of what your guests are downloading or viewing on their mobile devices while enjoying the WiFi hospitality of your business is no defence or protection against the effects of unsuitable or malicious content.

Web filtering is key to protecting your network from intrusion and...

Video blog: Can you afford to have poor WiFi in the hospitality industry?

Providing extensive WiFi coverage and sufficient bandwidth is a must-have utility for the hospitality industry and yet there are still many hotels, guests houses, holiday parks, restaurants, etc. that fail to provide decent wireless Internet access.

Worst still is when these establishments...

Make your guests feel at home with a decent WiFi solution

Guests expect decent WiFi whether they are staying in a hotel, B&B, lodge, chalet or caravan park.

WiFi is regarded as a standard utility, not just relied upon by business travellers, but by holidaymakers who want to check their emails, use social media, browse the Internet, and stream TV...

Don’t let poor WiFi or limited bandwidth ruin your visitor reviews

The holiday season is now on its way with just a few weeks until Easter. No doubt you are putting the finishing touches to your campsite or caravan, chalet or lodge park ahead of the 2015 season.

But what about your WiFi?

Extensive WiFi coverage and sufficient Internet bandwidth is a...

Boost brand loyalty with a Facebook check-in initiated WiFi solution

As businesses try to get to grips with using social media as part of their marketing campaigns, the creation of brand loyalty can be helped along with a corporate WiFi solution that is accessed via the Facebook check-in process.

Many businesses will have already invested in WiFi Internet...

Business relocation is more than booking the right sized van

Congratulations. Your business is on the move. You’ve booked the removal team, had new stationery printed, had your post re-directed, but have you sorted your communications infrastructure? And have you remembered it in good time?

Seamless business relocation is a strategic undertaking that...