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Infographic: The Office 365 price comparison

IT managers are always searching for cost savings while striving to provide all the applications and services their colleagues rely on. A good place is your business email platform.

The following infographic looks at the cost savings businesses can make over five years by switching from an...

Infographic: Advantages of using point to point wireless links

Our latest infographic illustrates the advantages of using point to point wireless links in the place of leased lines. swcomms has deployed this technology to businesses which would have otherwise paid costly monthly rentals for leased lines.

If you need to link two or more of your offices,...

Infographic: Key benefits of the right contact centre communications

Contact centre communications have a huge impact on your customer service. Therefore, it's important to consider that your communication and the tools you use are the best they can be. 

With this in mind we look at the key benefits of having an effective and efficient contact centre...

8 business benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity tool for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform changes the way you work with colleagues and customers, providing you real-time collaboration and co-creation giving you your office, anywhere. 

We look at the top business benefits...

Infographic: 10 questions you should be asking your supplier

Infographic: Ten questions you should be asking your supplier

Today’s business pace is rapidly changing with the influence of technology, affecting how we do business and how competitive we are. When it comes to suppliers, many organisations offer bespoke or comparable solutions making the...

Video blog: Can you afford to have poor WiFi in the hospitality industry?

Providing extensive WiFi coverage and sufficient bandwidth is a must-have utility for the hospitality industry and yet there are still many hotels, guests houses, holiday parks, restaurants, etc. that fail to provide decent wireless Internet access.

Worst still is when these establishments...

Infographic: Five regular telephony problems experienced by schools

If you’re a staff member at a busy school, you’ll understand the array of day-to-day demands and that there really isn’t much time to spare. With this in mind, the following infographic covers five regular telephony problems experienced by schools and, critically, their solutions for a more...

Infographic: Do you remember the 80s?

You may not be old enough to remember the 1980s, but many of us are or have seen enough films and television programmes to have an idea of what it was like.

The purpose of this look back in time is to compare the way we worked 30 years ago to the way we can work now.

In 1985, office...

Infographic: Understanding the Broadband Connection Vouchers scheme

We have sent out lots of information regarding the Broadband Connection Vouchers scheme to ensure elligible businesses do not miss out on up to £3,000 towards the costs of better connectivity.

However, we appreciate that not everyone wants to read an email or information sheet, so we have...

Infographic: Benefits of SIP

With more and more businesses asking us what the benefits are of migrating to SIP in place of traditional PSTN or ISDN telephone lines, we thought it would be easier to provide an infographic to clearly spell them out.

It's not just about cutting costs - which can equate to up to 75% of...

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