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Do I need faster Internet connectivity?

On the face of it the answer to this question is always “yes”. When is there ever a time that more bandwidth is not needed?

How about when you don’t know what your current bandwidth is being used for? Is there a real business need for greater bandwidth or is the majority of your bandwidth...

Boost brand loyalty with a Facebook check-in initiated WiFi solution

As businesses try to get to grips with using social media as part of their marketing campaigns, the creation of brand loyalty can be helped along with a corporate WiFi solution that is accessed via the Facebook check-in process.

Many businesses will have already invested in WiFi Internet...

Has your business suffered a broadband outage?

You have our sympathy. A broadband outage at residential level is inconvenient; an outage at business level can be catastrophic.

For most businesses, Internet connectivity is the most important connection it has - it’s even more important than the telephone.

If your telephone lines are not...

Why should businesses pay more attention to their Internet connection?

Consider an average working week. How many emails do you normally receive by Monday lunchtime? How many phone calls did you receive in the same timeframe?

A quick tally will most likely reveal that you receive more emails on a Monday morning than the total number of calls you receive in a...

Broadband: Internet connectivity not suited to business demands

Our reliance on the Internet is total and we need it to ensure it remains up and running every working day. So why do businesses continue to use a product that was primarily designed for the domestic market?


Is paying for cheaper Internet connectivity a false economy?

Why do businesses risk their connectivity and their primary link to the world by using broadband?

The answer is simple: money

But is paying for cheaper Internet connectivity a false economy? Broadband may be a good value product but is not a stable one.

The Internet connects you to:


What are the business alternatives to broadband?

With broadband offering an unstable service with no guaranteed uptime, fix time or speeds, what are the alternatives for a business that needs to stay connected at all times?

If you are paying between £10 and £40 for a connectivity product, you know in your heart of hearts that does not buy...

Business relocation is more than booking the right sized van

Congratulations. Your business is on the move. You’ve booked the removal team, had new stationery printed, had your post re-directed, but have you sorted your communications infrastructure? And have you remembered it in good time?

Seamless business relocation is a strategic undertaking that...

Infographic: Is broadband business critical?

To follow up our blog on this topic, please find this infographic that illustrates the importance of choosing the right internet connectivity for your business based on your need to access critical data and applications.

Still no superfast broadband?

With announcements popping up across the UK on the latest areas to benefit from superfast broadband, it can be hard to feel their joy if you are still suffering from slower broadband speeds.

Most recently, it has been announced that 44,000 homes and businesses in Devon and Somerset will get...

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