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Change your voicemail PIN today to avoid festive phone fraud

All too often businesses become the victims of dial-though fraud because management and staff alike use simple PINs to gain access to their voicemails.

Four 0s or 1-2-3-4 are very common as they are easy to remember as are patterns like 1-3-7-9. Some people even use their extension numbers....

Fix your telephone line rental to avoid BT line price hikes

With BT increasing its line rental by a £1 per month for its residential customers this month, many businesses will be reminded of the increase they had to swallow on August 1 this year.

While nearly 10m homes are now facing this £1 increase in their monthly line rental, businesses across...

Q: Tracker or fixed - which telephone package will suit my business?

A: A mix of the two should see you spending less on your landline and call costs by the end of your contract.But how can this be achieved?

Historically, landline rental charges have been slowly rising while call costs have come down.

To illustrate this point: BT put up their landline...

Infographic: Phone hacking warning - what is it and will my business be affected?

According the Communications Fraud Control Association's latest survey (2015), fraud losses are at $38 billion worldwide. This number is falling over the years, but the issue is a hot topic and one that should remain at the forefront of business communications.

The following infographic...

Don’t turn a blind eye to phone hacking

Reliable statistics are hard to come by when it comes to phone hacking or dial-through fraud (DTF) but customer experiences are evidence enough in our opinion.

This crime, also known as phreaking, fixed line or phone fraud, is on the rise with The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau...

Do BT price rises make you rethink your supplier?

With BT on the brink of putting up their line prices for the sixth time in the last five years, many businesses may be tempted to move their business to another supplier.

And no-one would blame them for looking around. In total, these price rises represent a 21.73% increase from £14.87 per...

Revenue sharing B2C numbers to be banned

The June deadline for the ban of the B2C business use of revenue sharing numbers, starting 084, 087 and 09, is fast approaching.

Business relocation is more than booking the right sized van

Congratulations. Your business is on the move. You’ve booked the removal team, had new stationery printed, had your post re-directed, but have you sorted your communications infrastructure? And have you remembered it in good time?

Seamless business relocation is a strategic undertaking that...

Spring clean your communications billing

People like a clear out at springtime and businesses are no different as the majority of them prepare to start a new tax year. One area for some attention could be your communications billing.

All businesses will be paying monthly bills for telephone lines, calls, fax lines, broadband,...

Practice managers: help ease call traffic with your own DDI

GP surgery practice managers can help ease call traffic at busiest times of the day by making efficient use of DDI numbers.

Direct dial-in numbers or DDIs, as they are commonly referred to, allow people to call practice managers without having to go through reception staff.

This ensures...

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