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Call recording – why it should matter to your business

Many businesses and organisations, whether they are in the financial, retail, legal, education or healthcare sectors, fundamentally rely on telephone systems as their major source of communication.

More and more of these are embracing and adopting the benefits that call recording delivers...

How does unified communications benefit the legal world?

Quality advice and competitive rates are an essential part of a lawyer’s remit but the way in which they communicate is equally important. It’s the efficient, innovative firms that win more new business as clients become increasingly concerned with responsiveness and lower costs.  


Law firms need low latency for efficient digital dictation

When was the last time you saw someone use a cassette recorder or MP3 player for dictation? These are becoming outdated modes for dictation with law firms leading the way by using digital dictation, such as BigHand. But this has not been an easy transition for some firms.


Turn to video conferencing as new ash cloud threatens business travel plans

With the risk to air travel around Europe currently under threat, many business trips may fail to get off the ground.

Iceland has just raised its risk level for an eruption of its Bardarbunga volcano to orange, the second-highest level. The country’s met office has detected ongoing movement...

Broadband: Internet connectivity not suited to business demands

Our reliance on the Internet is total and we need it to ensure it remains up and running every working day. So why do businesses continue to use a product that was primarily designed for the domestic market?


IP telephone systems answer the needs of multi-site law firms

With client care at the forefront, law firms are always looking for ways to improve their customer service.

Customer care comes in many forms, but for lawyers it often boils down to whether or not a client has been able to reach them when they need to.

But this is not always easy due to...

If only law firms had more time….

Is video conferencing the answer to lawyers juggling the needs of several clients and multiple meetings?

You have several cases to deal with today and they are all in different locations.

Time, as always, is of the essence.

You could possibly defer a meeting or delegate someone else to...

Communicating when on the move is key for solicitors

A solicitor's life is not a sedentary one. As with any professional job role, there is an element of desk work but solicitors spend just as much time in client meetings or representing them in court.

Law firms then face the challenge of ensuring their fee earners remain contactable when...