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Extend your networks with point to point links

Point to point links are the ideal solution for extending local area and wide area networks. This technology is often forgotten when facing challenges to connect to buildings on the other side of busy roads or waterway obstructions, remote locations, semi-rural locations or multi-site...

Infographic: Need to link offices?

Point to point wireless links or bridges are a reliable alternative to traditional fibre leased lines. They can link two locations when budget and timescale cannot accommodate the substantial dig costs and lead times needed to lay cable into the ground.

As long as near line of sight –...

Video blog: Cost-effective point to point wireless links release you from ongoing rentals charges

Point to point wireless links are bought on a CAPEX basis so that once they are installed, you own them. This means there are no ongoing rental charges to pay such as those you would experience from leased lines or other forms of connectivity.

There are no dig costs to lay cables either so...

What does a point to point wireless link actually look like?

When you describe a point to point wireless link to some customers, they immediately imagine a huge satellite dish.

This misconception could not be further from the truth. The hardware used is often less than the size of A5 piece of paper; it comes in a several different colours and is...

Video blog: Point to point wireless – completely private and reliable

The concept of using radio waves, microwaves or milliwaves to link locations seems a risky process on the surface in terms of privacy and reliability, but there is no need to worry.

Allow swcomms’ presales specialist David Brace to allay your fears with a clear explanation on how this...

Infographic: Advantages of using point to point wireless links

Our latest infographic illustrates the advantages of using point to point wireless links in the place of leased lines. swcomms has deployed this technology to businesses which would have otherwise paid costly monthly rentals for leased lines.

If you need to link two or more of your offices,...

Video blog: Why would businesses need point to point wireless links?

In his latest video blog, presales specialist David Brace briefly explains what point to point wireless links are and why a business would use them.

If you need to link to another location, but have been put off by the cost of fibre leased lines, then this video is for you.

It is less than...

Video blog: Need to link two offices in super quick time? Check our point to point wireless

swcomms has actually installed point to point wireless links the day after an order being placed. A more realistic timeframe is a few weeks. Waiting a few weeks is much better than the months it can take to lay cable in the ground for leased lines.

If you need to connect two locations in...

Benefits of using point to point microwave

Using a point to point microwave link as part of your wide area network (WAN) has many benefits.

This technology is completely private, reliable and robust, but that’s not all:

Rapid ROI
Leased lines are physical cables that attract a rental fee year on year. Microwave links connect via...

Could microwave links replace your expensive leased lines?

A recent survey revealed that medium sized businesses spend an average of £18,000 per annum on leased lines and despite this; these businesses remain loyal to their suppliers for an average of seven years.

While leased line technology definitely has its place in long distance point to point...