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Why an office relocation is the perfect time to review your IT and technology strategy

Relocating your business is a great opportunity to review your communications and network infrastructure to ensure that your new offices are as efficient as possible. New surroundings can inspire new ideas for growth, and growth can only happen if efficient IT technology is in place.


Video blog: Relocation - A perfect time to change a telephone system

When businesses move they usually have a budget available to facilitate a change of location and often take the opportunity to have a strategic overview of their communications practice.

Khaled El-Din has helped multiple businesses and public sector organisations make the move with sound...

Business relocation is more than booking the right sized van

Congratulations. Your business is on the move. You’ve booked the removal team, had new stationery printed, had your post re-directed, but have you sorted your communications infrastructure? And have you remembered it in good time?

Seamless business relocation is a strategic undertaking that...