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SIP – it’s all about the connection choice

The communications market is in a transitional change at present. The speed of this transition has now accelerated with the announcement from BT that they will no longer support ISDN services from 2020. While many businesses have not heard about SIP services, the channels/lines provided on...

Video blog: SIP trunks come with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

By making and receiving calls over an Internet connection – which is essentially what SIP is – you will be better protected in the event of an outage or disaster.

Internet connections tend to come with better service level agreements which means they will be back up and running again in...

Infographic: Benefits of SIP

With more and more businesses asking us what the benefits are of migrating to SIP in place of traditional PSTN or ISDN telephone lines, we thought it would be easier to provide an infographic to clearly spell them out.

It's not just about cutting costs - which can equate to up to 75% of...

How will your business use SIP?

Businesses across the UK are choosing to migrate to SIP as way of saving money on their phone bills, but for others, the flexible disaster recovery (DR) solutions it offers is just as attractive.

For many companies, cost savings can be achieved by using existing connectivity, or even...

Businesses cannot afford to ignore SIP trunks

With BT announcing a firm date to switch off all its PSTN and ISDN services, we think UK businesses should consider switching to a SIP service sooner rather than later.

During a BT Group Q3 2014/15 results announcement, CEO Gavin Patterson stated that BT intends to migrate all its customers...

Increase your call capacity without the expense of additional lines

How many times have you felt your IT and communications systems are still in the dark ages and desperately longed to get them moving forward?

Actually, the way telephony has moved on, even just talking on a landline is quite antiquated because there is so much more available. It is now...

SIP trunking: what are the top three benefits?

SIP trunking is a cost-effective way of making calls over the Internet using leased lines and an IP-based telephone system to make business calls. Our latest blog and infographic details the three main benefits of SIP trunks to make it easier for businesses to make a decision on whether they...

What are SIP trunks? A simple explanation for businesses

What are SIP trunks or what is SIP trunking are questions often asked by customers and prospects alike.

It is a shame that a SIP trunk is not a tangible thing that you can just pick up and have a good look at, but the reality is that it is a language or protocol.

Still confused? Don’t...