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Could your legacy phone system be costing you money?

When I talk to businesses using ageing telephone systems, their main reason for doing so is always cost. It’s the typical, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude.

But I would seriously challenge that point of view based on financial considerations alone as follows: 

Higher ongoing costs...

Broadcast messages to pupils with your school telephone system

Repeating the same information over and over again is tedious at best but is time wasting at worst.

This is a common occurrence for school reception staff, especially when an event is thrown into doubt.

Using the age-old example of sports day, the weather in the UK can mean this annual...

Keep your business on the rails

Twenty years ago, businesses would more or less grind to a halt when the UK was affected by bad weather, industrial action or major incidents.
With transport strikes on the increase and the yearly risk of rain, snow and other elements affecting your staff’s ability to get to the office,...

GP surgeries: Prepare for the busiest time of the year

The main challenge GP surgeries will face in the next few months is the increase in patient calls. The winter months, which GPs class as December to March, are relentless. Already stretched surgeries feel under increased pressure at this time of the year.

Added pressure on telephone systems...

Grow your business with cloud communications

Planning your transition to cloud communications- download our eBook to see:

  • The importance of understanding your current assets and capabilities
  • What can and needs to be tailored to your business and way of working
  • How to transition without business interruption
  • Who needs training
  • ...

Need to link GP surgeries?

As more and more GP surgeries move to federations, localities or CCGs to help them find economies of scale and shared staff resources in the face of an ever increasing pressure to offer extended opening hours, we find we are being called upon to offer our advice on how to link two or more...

[Guide] On-premise vs hosted VoIP telephone systems

There is no “one-size fits all” approach to telecoms as the reality is that it is more a case of “what’s the best fit for you?”

Where one business would benefit from a hosted telephone solution, another may be best suited to on an on-premise platform.

Each business operates in a unique...

Your phone system no longer meets your needs

The private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system has been at the heart of business communications for a long time; too long, in fact.

In a world of mobile working, rapid market changes, rising customer and employee expectations and increasing business collaboration, traditional phone...

Initiate remote working for GP surgery staff

Doctors, practice managers and staff sometimes work from home either for convenience or because they cannot get into the surgery.

This arrangement tends to be more productive, but while their PCs and laptops can remotely work as part of the surgery, they need to use a home or mobile phone...

Scalable communications for multi-academy trusts and federations

Is your school joining a multi-academy trust or federation?

If the answer’s yes, you’ll need the best communications set-up to enhance productivity and share resources across all school sites.

On top of this, you’ll need a telephone system that is scalable and can grow with your trust or...

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