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Creating better customer experiences one call at a time

If you make money using the phone, then your phone system needs to be a business enabler, not inhibiter. Your prospects must be able to reach you in a timely manner. Your customers need to find you wherever you are...at the front desk, in a meeting or outside the office. That’s how you want...

10 ways your phone system improves your customers’ experience

Business competition in today’s economy is fierce. Your customers expect the highest level of customer care, and you and your staff need to be reachable, professional and customer focused at all times –  no matter where you’re located.

If that’s your business model, is your phone system...

Infographic: Do you remember the 80s?

You may not be old enough to remember the 1980s, but many of us are or have seen enough films and television programmes to have an idea of what it was like.

The purpose of this look back in time is to compare the way we worked 30 years ago to the way we can work now.

In 1985, office...

Infographic: Work is no longer a location, it’s an activity

Mobility is not just a buzz word. It’s a business trend that is well and truly with us and will continue to grow.

If your business has not embraced mobility as yet, our infographic provides some statistics on why you should not be turning a blind eye to flexible working and the bring your...

Home working: Giving more flexibility to your employees and your business

According to the Office for National Statistics*, the number of home workers has grown to nearly one in seven, a significant increase since 1998, when only one in ten people worked from home.

Many home workers are in rural areas, a sign that they opted for it as a lifestyle choice. The...

My business wants to invest in tablets - is this a good idea?

The ever-changing tides of the tech industry, including the evolution of smartphones and a growing emphasis on mobile working, have changed the way businesses interact. Users now demand more from their company devices as they are increasingly used for both personal and professional matters....

Avoid summer queues with video conferencing

With schools now off for the summer, the holiday season starts in earnest. If you are a business based in a holiday hotspot, travelling around can be a nightmare.

Your usual routes to and from the office or to client’s premises may result in journey times becoming twice as long as you try...

Use unified communications to embrace flexible working requests

New rules have come into force today that allow all employees with 26 weeks or more service to request flexible working conditions, which employers in turn must address in a "reasonable manner".

Until now, you only had the right to request flexible working hours if you had children under 17...

Infographic for estate agents: Are you answering all your calls?

Estate agents are often away from their desks on viewings and valuations. Make sure you never miss that all important call by forwarding calls to your mobile, a branch office or your customer services team.

Joined-up communications for multi-site estate agents

When the phone rings at an estate agent’s office, someone needs to pick it up. It could be a potential sale, instruction or viewing. But at times it can be difficult to make sure all calls are answered, let alone within 3 or 4 rings or whatever the company expectation is.

Bradleys Estate...

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