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Video blog: Can Skype replace business video conferencing?

In this video blog, Paul Marshall discusses the relevance of video conferencing in the business world and whether companies and organisations are actually using this HD technology or using free resources like Skype.

For extra information on this topic, please see this blog.


Fog closes airports…but it should not prevent you from closing business

When my family and I arrived in Dublin to get our connecting flight back to the UK from Boston this week, the buzz word around the terminal was ‘fog’.

Our flight to Heathrow was delayed by three hours but for many their flights were simply cancelled. The delay was certainly irritating. We...

Go global with unified communications

Many of our recent large enterprise telephone system deployments have included offices and branches outside of the UK. This throws up different challenges in terms of keeping in contact and working effectively with colleagues, clients and suppliers in other countries.

We have used a blend...

Avoid summer queues with video conferencing

With schools now off for the summer, the holiday season starts in earnest. If you are a business based in a holiday hotspot, travelling around can be a nightmare.

Your usual routes to and from the office or to client’s premises may result in journey times becoming twice as long as you try...

Video conferencing

Gone are the days of stuttering pictures and conversations that are out of sync with the speaker’s lips.

The combination of high definition picture quality and faster bandwidth has transformed video conferencing into an everyday, real-time tool that can replicate the intimacy of a face to...

If only law firms had more time….

Is video conferencing the answer to lawyers juggling the needs of several clients and multiple meetings?

You have several cases to deal with today and they are all in different locations.

Time, as always, is of the essence.

You could possibly defer a meeting or delegate someone else to...