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A lack of web filtering could mean legal action for your school

Using the web has become a key learning tool for both teachers and pupils, so it is important its use is managed in a safe and secure way. But for members of staff in a busy school, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once. Classrooms are full of pupils scrolling through the Internet on...

We welcome Government move to enforce web filtering in schools

With the Education Secretary pushing plans for every school to use web filtering to protect pupils from exploitation and radicalisation, some schools will be thankful that they are ahead of the curve.

Nicky Morgan’s report reveals a need for schools and colleges to keep pupils safe when...

Do your pupils and employees need a digital detox?

If you think back to your school days, were you a pupil that was easily distracted? Did you gaze out the window yearning to be on the rugby pitch or tennis court? Did you doodle pictures on your exercise book or swap notes with your friend under your desk?

We probably all recognise some of...

Web filtering may prevent your school from hitting the news

Web filtering does not fill everyone with excitement and many schools still feel they do not need it...until they make headline news.

Buying new hardware or ordering a superfast networking infrastructure is so much more inspiring than a bit of software. Plus, your pupils will be so much...

Why does my business need web filtering?

Three words answer that question: liability, vulnerability and distraction.

The first two reasons are undoubtedly the scariest and should be taken seriously. But as with any consideration of this nature, businesses usually leave it until it is too late for something like web filtering to...

Web filtering for schools - who does it protect

How our web filtering system helps protect schools from litigation.

Web filtering for schools and colleges was in the news recently when pupils accessed inappropriate content via their school’s network. However, web filtering is not just designed to protect pupils.

Staff and the school...

Infographic: Give your IT manager control of your school network

Our latest infographic illustrates just how easy it can be to manage and set parameters to control what your pupils and staff can view on the web while they are at school.


Infographic: Effective web filtering controls what your pupils and staff can see

Schools and colleges need to protect their networks from the downtime and disruption caused by web-borne threats. They also need to prevent pupils and staff from viewing inappropriate content and manage their use of social media, online games, instant messaging, etc, irrespective of whether...

Three steps to effective web filtering for schools and colleges

Deploying efficient web filtering in schools and colleges is a 3-step process.

1.    Choose your Internet connection wisely
For smaller, primary schools, broadband may be enough. Larger schools may require Ethernet First Mile (EFM) or even leased lines. The types of connectivity available...

Fighting the threats to your school’s network

The stats on spam and viruses are alarming. They are even more alarming when you are trying to protect young people from the dangers that lurk on the web, which ultimately pose a threat to your school’s network.

Here are some of those stats...

  • 500% increase in the number of websites...

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