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Avoid doing the card reader cha-cha-cha

I recently went for drinks at a hotel where I witnessed the barman perform the card reader cha-cha-cha brandishing the card reader in the air to “catch some WiFi”. As amusing as it was to watch, it took him a few minutes to find the connectivity sweet spot and authorise my payment. His...

The light and dark sides of IoT

The buzz phrase “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been used quite heavily in the IT industry in the last four years with more and more people embracing this technology at home and in the workplace.

Even now, you might be wearing some form of IoT device on you that monitors your health,...

Your guest is your marketing voice

Experience economy
Guest experience economy is catching up with traditional marketing and hospitality media, with billions of impressions shared daily over travel sites which are now the first step of any business or leisure journey. 

Personal travel experience and opinion sharing is...

WiFi can provide value across the entire business

Your data network can now be handled by cloud technology – whether it’s a local area or wide area network.

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed access points (APs) provided by swcomms are monitored and managed on an easy-to-use dashboard suitable for companies of all sizes, but are particularly...

They’ll put WiFi anywhere these days!

Glastonbury revellers will be able to engage with each other and the outside world through social media, the Internet and email by using hotspots disguised as hedges.

The official mobile partner of the festival, EE, had previously used tractors and plastic cows as the theme for their...

Video blog: Poor WiFi or poor connectivity – we explain the difference

How often have you said: “The WiFi here is so slow”? The chances are it’s nothing to do with the WiFi and everything to do with the connectivity that serves it.

In his latest video blog, swcomms’ presales specialist David Brace explains the difference between ‘WiFi’ and ‘connectivity’ for...

Video blog: Making WiFi work for your hospitality business

Internet access and WiFi will be another cost to your hospitality business but there are neat ways to make it work for you.

Hotels, restaurant, holiday parks etc, can offer WiFi as a facility in exchange for customer emails or Facebook ‘Likes’ that can be used for marketing purposes.


Video blog: Do I need web filtering for my WiFi Internet access?

Being ignorant of what your guests are downloading or viewing on their mobile devices while enjoying the WiFi hospitality of your business is no defence or protection against the effects of unsuitable or malicious content.

Web filtering is key to protecting your network from intrusion and...

Video blog: Can you afford to have poor WiFi in the hospitality industry?

Providing extensive WiFi coverage and sufficient bandwidth is a must-have utility for the hospitality industry and yet there are still many hotels, guests houses, holiday parks, restaurants, etc. that fail to provide decent wireless Internet access.

Worst still is when these establishments...