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Video blog: Do I need web filtering for my WiFi Internet access?

Posted by David Brace on 25/02 at 11:56 AM Videos and webinars, Hospitality, Internet connectivity, WiFi,

Being ignorant of what your guests are downloading or viewing on their mobile devices while enjoying the WiFi hospitality of your business is no defence or protection against the effects of unsuitable or malicious content.

Web filtering is key to protecting your network from intrusion and potentially harmful content.

David Brace is one of swcomms’ presales specialists. His video blog explains more.

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David Brace's avatar
David Brace on 25/02/2016

David is an intuitive problem solver having has worked in the IT and comms industry for more than 15 years.

A pre-saIes specialist and sales engineer, David is focussed on data, connectivity and unified communications, working alongside our team of account managers to create optimum solutions for our client base.

With a whole host of IT-type certifications to his name, David does have a life outside work...currently dominated by a puppy that never gets tired.