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Video blog: My cloud based telephone system is providing poor service – what can I do?

Posted by Khaled El-Din on 26/01 at 08:37 AM Videos and webinars, Cloud services, Internet connectivity, Telephone systems,

Very often the issue won’t be the cloud telephone system that’s the problem but the connectivity you are running it on.

Broadband, which was designed for the domestic market, simply will not cut it. Your business needs better connectivity.

swcomms account manager Khaled El-Din explains more.

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Khaled El-Din on 26/01/2016

Khaled is one of our field sales executives responsible for selling voice and data solutions to vertical markets.

He has worked in sales for 15 years and is an excellent communicator and, as a result, he can often be found imparting his knowledge on one of our video blogs. He specialises in the commercial, medical and education sectors.

Ultra competitive, Khaled is our go-to man for any inter-business or inter-departmental events. He’s not overly keen on losing....