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GP surgery telephone systems

An image of a GP surgery receptionist sitting at a desk.


We provide GP surgeries with telephone systems, applications and call routing services that help alleviate the ever-increasing pressure placed on reception staff while streamlining day-to-day tasks.

As professionals at the forefront of caring for the welfare of the community, the last thing you want is to cause distress to your patients or your staff; yet that is exactly what an inadequate telephone system can do. The high quality reception service that all practices aim for may be falling short of the mark.

We understand the strain and pressure experienced by busy reception staff but also appreciate the needs of the patient. With 30+ years of experience working within the health sector, our range of solutions is designed to cope with the demands of a busy medical practice and include the following features:

Flexible call handling
Surgery receptions can often become stressful environments caused in part by very high volumes of calls early in the morning. By intelligently handling calls, we can utilise back-room staff and automated answering options to help to minimise this workload at peak times and to route calls to specific members of staff with the appropriate skill sets.

Call restriction & call queuing
These features are particularly useful in instances when the levels of calls into a surgery outweigh the number of staff available to answer them resulting in unsatisfactory continual ringing for patients.

Recorded messages
These can pass on vital information to patients such as out-of-hours contact numbers or the surgery’s opening hours.  They can also be programmed to allow callers to choose an out-of-hours call handler.

Automated attendant
This flexible tool can be used to route incoming calls from patients directly to the correct person and while they are waiting, you can play them important information, such as a message to dissuade them from calling in the morning for anything other than an appointment.

This provides an efficient call messaging service so that messages can be left accurately and confidentially and can be retrieved at a time and from a location to suit the mailbox owner.

Appointment cancellations
Missed appointments are costly in terms of time and money. Some patients have genuine reasons for not attending an appointment but do not notify the surgery due to the busy demands of their day to day lives, restrictions of the opening hours of the surgery, difficulties in gaining access to the surgery or simply because they are too embarrassed to call.

The option for a dedicated appointment cancellation mailbox allows patients to call 24/7 to leave a message, therefore making cancelling an appointment simple and easy to do. Staff can then instantly update all of the cancellations for that day, therefore being able to reallocate those spare appointment times for other patients.

Call recording
The recording of calls is becoming more necessary with surgeries growing concerned about the risk of litigation during the telephone triage phase of care. Call recording solutions can record all incoming and outgoing calls – calls can be encrypted and archived for protection and reference. Staff also have the ability to selectively record conversations should patients become abusive.

Panic or assistance keys
When the panic feature key is selected, it will call nominated extension alerting them that the member of staff has a problem and can also broadcast what is being said in the room to allow them to provide the necessary assistance.

Automatic answer
This allows receptionists to page a consulting room and hold a two-way conversation with doctor or nurse without the doctor needing to touch the handset. This can be particularly useful if the doctor is administering treatment and unable to access a key on the handset.

System administration software
This software allows GP surgeries to change the programming of their system based upon their daily operational requirements without the need for specialised technical support.

Call reporting software
Call reporting software helps GP surgeries measure and manage their workload to enhance the service provided to patients. Reception supervisors and practice managers can access accurate historical and real-time reports on the number of calls currently being handled by each member of the reception team, average daily waiting times, numbers of calls lost, etc. This valuable information allows them to identify busy periods and to adjust staffing levels appropriately.

VoIP telephony and SIP-based technologies
These advances in telephony technology are not just suitable for large organisations. VoIP is now part and parcel of a modern communications system and can enable practice staff to easily interface with remote and home workers thus reducing cost and improving resources.

Reduced mobile call costs
Many surgeries are seeing costs spiral as the primary contact numbers for patients are mobile numbers. Our solutions allow staff to dial directly from the surgery telephony system on a mobile to mobile cost basis, significantly reducing the call costs incurred by the surgery.

Direct dial-in numbers
DDI numbers means that calls can go straight through to the required destination with increased speed and efficiency and decrease the need for all calls to be handled by busy reception staff.

Cost-effective call and lines charges
We can provide savings on call costs and fixed line rental charges while also providing our fraud protection service and 24/7 fault support at no extra cost to remove the stress of dealing with multiple bills and service providers. We are able to adopt your existing telephone lines immediately, regardless of the existing rental contract term.