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Obsolete telephone systems – the risks

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If you have been searching for Internet fixes for your obsolete telephone system, because it is no longer supported by the manufacturer, then you really need to heed this warning.

An obsolete telephone system is exceptionally risky for your business.

Paying out for new hardware may seem like a bitter pill to swallow on your P&L ledger but it could be a lot worse.

If your business relies on receiving incoming calls from prospective and existing customers, suppliers, business partners, etc – then taking this risk could be very costly.

Once obsolete, a telephone system can no longer be maintained by its manufacturer, so if you experience any issues such as an electricity surge, issues with the software, damage to the hardware, etc – you will not be able to fix it.

Businesses that have taken this gamble have more often than not come out on the losing side. It is important to secure the continuity of your business by maintaining an up to date installing a new telephone system to avoid trawling around on the Internet searching for replacement parts,  awaiting delivery times and then trying to find someone to come and fix the system. 

While you are doing this, you still won’t have a telephone system and customers will not be able to speak with you. If you are lucky, they may ring back on another day; or, more likely, they will go to one of your competitors.

 The cost of lost business will be far greater than an investment in a replacement telephone system.