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Telephone systems for large & multi-site businesses

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We provide flexible and scalable multi-faceted solutions to meet the exacting requirements of larger businesses and public organisations.

We supply and install telephone systems and associated applications for businesses with hundreds or thousands of employees working from a large single site or spread over multiple locations in the UK and across the world. These phone systems are capable of supporting continued business growth with easy expansion and flexible working features.

We design solutions that encompass multimedia contact centres, unified communications, mobility, bring your own device (BYOD), choose your own device (CYOD), video conferencing, and CRM and ERP integration as required.

We use video to improve collaboration by making face-to-face conversations possible no matter where people are working from. Important meetings don’t have to be put on hold just because your teams are not in the same place. Chat features allow far-flung workers to ask and answer questions in real time.

We understand that despite the fluidity of the modern work place, businesses want to project a professional face to their clients and conduct seamless interactions. With UC, a global company can configure its VoIP phone system to route calls based on language or location. That way, for example, French-speakers can quickly receive customer support in their native language.

Many employees work part of the time either from home or in temporary offices. They conduct business in coffee shops, airports or even on vacation at the beach. By enabling remote workers to access call records and receive calls regardless of where they happen to be sitting, UC improves the customer experience.

In addition to saving money on international calling and travel, businesses that centralise their phone needs with UC systems reduce the expense of managing multiple PBXs.

As a single solutions provider, we also have the billing, connectivity and data storage expertise to complete the package. By migrating all your lines – telephone, fax, mobiles and broadband – to us, you can benefit from further cost-saving and consolidated communications bills, our fraud monitoring service and a UK-based single point of contact for all billing and fault queries.

In addition to telephone systems, we design, install and maintain a full range of fixed and wireless local and wide area network solutions, utilising leased line, Ethernet and broadband services, point to point links and wider WiMAX technologies. Our engineers have extensive experience enabling us to design the most cost-effective and resilient networks to suit your needs.

Our own purpose-built data centre in Exeter offers a range of business critical services for large and multi-site businesses, including co-location and managed server hosting, data backup, flexible Internet bandwidth, cloud and endpoint security, and disaster recovery solutions, as well as often being used as a resilient hub of a multi-site business’s wide area network.