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Why change your business telephone system?

Image of two male workers in a modern office, sitting at desks and talking on telephones

There are many reasons why a business would opt to change its telephone system, some more urgent than others. Whatever the reason, such a change requires some forethought and planning to achieve a seamless transfer.

The most compelling reasons for a telephone system change or upgrade usually have definite timescales. These can include relocation of premises, expansion of a current site, a business acquisition or opening of a new office or when downsizing or refurbishing.

Other time-related events that may encourage a business to look at replacing their telephone system include a lease agreement or support contract expiring or the ability to access a budget available for a limited time period only; a “use it or lose it” scenario is common.

However, there are other reasons for a telephone system upgrade that are not so time sensitive but can be just as compelling – receiving poor support, escalating support costs or a lack of parts, can leave a business in real fear of the consequences should its telephone system break down.

Aside from disliking an incumbent supplier, some businesses may just feel it is time for a change, want a supplier that offers other services, or has a desire, rather than a pressing need, to update its telephony technology.

Businesses may also be seeking to take advantage of specific telephone system functions, such as contact centre, unified communications, mobility or home working technology, or need to network branch offices or standardise call handling across all business sites.

Any change will need the right information and advice not only on the technology available, lease options and service level agreements available to you, but, more importantly, on what best suits your business needs.

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