Call recording

Call recording image

Most modern telephone systems now have the ability to record calls on an ad hoc basis by simply pressing a button to begin recording. The recording is then usually saved in a user’s voicemail box for later retrieval.

For some businesses, ad hoc recording is enough, but this method does not allow for all inbound and outbound calls to be recorded. Also, ad hoc recordings are not encrypted, which is a requirement for any call recording being used as evidence in a court of law.

A dedicated call recording solution is able to record all inbound and outbound calls or just calls to and from certain extensions.

A call recording solution like this allows your business to comply with regulatory requirements and to resolve disputes with an audit trail that can be used for evidential purposes.

Call recording can also be used to monitor quality and improve performance of call handlers, and as a reliable means of accurately recalling or sharing details of calls.

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