Cloud-based networks

Cloud-based networks image

Cloud-based networks efficiently link geographically dispersed workforces and businesses with multiple sites using virtual private network (VPN), multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) or Ethernet cloud technology to share voice and data services.

VPN utilises the public Internet to create connections for remote staff to access office-based applications while MPLS uses single vendor private Internet links. Our UK-wide Ethernet cloud has 800+ points of presence throughout the UK and is managed by us at layer 2, effectively making us the carrier with full routing and IP responsibility and means we are able to guarantee compliance for industry standards such as PCI DSS.

Our resilient Ethernet cloud service guarantees low latency and maximum uptime. It includes IP addressing, routing protocols, QoS settings, fault response, fault clearance, management and reporting of traffic flow, type, uptime and bandwidth utilisation for high speed links for real-time applications, such as voice (VoIP), and latency intolerant applications, including video and digital dictation.

Ethernet cloud circuits can be delivered within 45 days, which is significantly faster than most other WAN suppliers. We also provide you with your own customer portal so that you are able to monitor your network and check on circuit uptime, bandwidth utilisation, traffic flow and configuration, and even set alarms to alert you to network issues.

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