Computer telephony integration (CTI)

Computer telephony integration (CTI) Image

Without CTI, customer calls frequently get transferred to several members of staff before the correct person or agent is found.

To make matters worse, customers typically have to re-state their identifying information and their reason for calling to each agent. Collectively known as re-routing and re-stating, these are the primary customer service challenges faced by businesses today.

CTI helps businesses overcome these obstacles by ‘popping’ the customer's database record onto the agent's screen before the call is received, allowing the agent to greet the customer as an informed source.

If the answering agent later transfers the caller, all collected data, including any data entered by the first agent, is automatically transmitted with the call, eliminating the need to re-query the caller.

Businesses will benefit from immediate savings through reduced call length while simultaneously improving customer service.

This investment in customer satisfaction enables them to capitalise on anticipated increases in revenues and profits, market share and customer retention.