Data centre

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Our data centre provides the required security, environment, power, fire prevention and network connectivity for all your scalable, high availability and flexible server hosting, disaster recovery and data backup solutions.

Our purpose-built data centre is located in Exeter, Devon, to provide stringent security, ideal environmental conditions, clean power, fire prevention and network connectivity to data centre services customers.

The data centre is maintained by a certified networking and security team with years of experience managing and monitoring enterprise-level networks.

It offers a highly resilient Cisco infrastructure with no single point of failure.

All these elements combined enable us to provide scalable, high availability, flexible data centre services for all your server hosting, disaster recovery and data backup requirements, as well as providing Internet services and a hub for a number of wide area networks (WANs).

Servers are also spread across different cabinets to gain additional power resilience. An N + 2 UPS system (four x UPSs) supports all of the data centre’s equipment for resilience and this is backed up by a regularly tested standby power generator.

The data centre is equipped with a VESDA fire protection system which samples the atmosphere in each rack and monitors for carbon particles which are given off when components heat up to dangerous levels and are nearing combustion.

If the system detects sufficient particles, the electrical power to that particular rack is switched off, removing the energy source and ensuring that combustion does not take place.

Privacy and security is assured with card swipe entry systems to all restricted areas and CCTV surveillance is continuously operating both inside and outside of the data centre.

Public access is strictly forbidden and there are 4 separate secure areas, which need to be accessed before reaching the data centre cabinet room.

Our data centre currently accommodates 120 cabinets with the capacity to quadruple the amount of cabinets as demand continues to grow.

Our data centre is directly connected to six different network operators with diversely routed resilient circuits to avoid any possibility of downtime.

Resilient power is provided to every individual cabinet and the cabinets are spread across all three electrical phases.

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