Data backup

Data backup image

In today’s business environment, even a few minutes of irrecoverable data can lead to loss of revenue, customers and reputation.

We provide reliable and secure, automated, online, offsite data backup for companies of all sizes eradicating the need for them to purchase, change, transport, or store tapes.

Our data backup solution protects your data by compressing and encrypting it using SSL encryption, before automatically transferring it to our data centre.

After the initial data capture, our solution will only copy the changes in your files and databases at bit or file level meaning it is highly efficient and available on low bandwidth connections or when you need to balance between bandwidth and backup window.

A personalised management administration tool lets you manage and monitor the entire backup, storage and retrieval process.

You can create backup policies and initiate restore requests from a catalogue of archived file versions.

We can also provide this as an onsite application with LAN speed backup and recovery.

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