Data centre Exeter

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With our purpose-built data centre located at the heart of Exeter’s growing business district, we are ideally placed to service clients both in the city and on the industrial estates and business parks that link to the M5.

Our data centre was built to provide the best in class for security, environment, power, fire prevention and network connectivity and is maintained by a certified networking and security team with years of experience managing and monitoring enterprise-level networks. It offers a highly resilient Cisco infrastructure with no single point of failure.

All these elements combine enabling us to provide scalable, high availability, flexible solutions for the server hosting, disaster recovery and data backup requirements of Exeter businesses:

We supplied Exeter City Council with a resilient data network together with server space in our data centre server hotel.  

We provided Exeter Friendly Society with an extension to its IT department with co-location space for its servers which can be accessed at any time using leased line technology.

We gave First DataBank Europe, based in Exeter, the confidence to co-locate 13 of its servers to create a resilient and efficient extension to its IT facilities.