Data centre-hosted telephony

Data Centre-hosted telephony image

As many businesses move their servers into data centres, the next logical step is to consider hosting telephone systems in data centres to enjoy resilience, reliability and cheaper phone bills care of SIP trunks.

A telephone system is another piece of critical hardware that needs just as much care as a server. Just like servers, they benefit from the ideal environmental conditions and premium connectivity offered by a data centre, and also benefit from being offsite.

Any hardware stored onsite runs the risk of being affected in a disaster. An offsite solution offers you business continuity in the event of flooding, fire, a power cut, etc while providing a location for centralised shared resources that can be accessed by head office and branch offices alike.

This may sound similar to cloud-hosted telephony, and in many ways they are very alike. But unlike cloud-hosted telephony, a data centre-hosted solution still gives you the control you have previously enjoyed with your on premise system in that your IT or telecoms department will still manage it in the same way.

Some businesses may wish to cover all bases and invest in a hybrid hosted solution with an onsite solution complemented by disaster recovery equipment hosted in a data centre.

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