Flexible tariffs

Flexible tariffs image

Unlike many of our competitors, we have bucked the trend of signing up businesses to one-size-fits-all mobile packages.

We offer the flexibility of a blended service which can comprise bundles as well as pay-as-you-consume tariffs to meet your needs with the most cost-effective solution.

Whether you're looking for a tariff with a handset or a SIM-only tariff, we can help you find the right solution.

Many businesses enjoy the predictability of fixed priced bundles that cover calls to UK landlines, cross-network calls, same network calls and inclusive texts.

Data and text bolt-ons further enhance the offering and allow companies to protect against unforeseen charges. What sets our call bundles above the competition is not what is in the bundle but what is outside the bundle.

We exclude calls that are not chargeable such as in-group calls to colleagues and those to UK landlines as these calls sit under a separate fair usage of 2,000 minutes per mobile user, which means that we reduce the amount of shared minutes you need to purchase.

We also appreciate that some businesses have members of staff who are light or occasional users for whom a bundle is simply a waste of money. Our pay-as-you-consume voice and data tariffs mean that you only pay for what you actually use.