Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange image

For many businesses, a Microsoft Exchange powered email solution is commonplace.

Microsoft Exchange is typically run on email or small business servers and many of these are administered and maintained by a company’s IT department. Since some servers can handle tens of thousands of email accounts, they are ideal for businesses of all sizes but there is now an alternative called Hosted Exchange.

Hosted Exchange offers a viable cloud-based option for businesses that want to harness the power of a Microsoft Exchange server but do not want to pay for a full server licence and the appropriate hardware or provide the ongoing maintenance.

Hosted Exchange is an increasingly popular and cost-effective alternative with businesses being charged on a per mailbox per month subscription basis while also benefiting from anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing security.

As we live in an increasingly mobile world with businesses needing to access information while on the move, a cloud-based solution makes sense.

It means customers can connect to their email accounts from anywhere they have access to the Internet, unlike office-based email servers which are often only accessible from pre-determined locations or with the aid of VPN links which can impair performance and add a layer of complexity to the required configuration of any device, ultimately adding support costs.

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