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By definition, non geographic numbers do not correspond to a specific geographic location. The owner of the number can target the non geographic number to any existing landline or mobile telephone number.

The principal benefit of a non geographic number is that it is allocated and managed by the company receiving calls, so that calls can be routed intelligently to a location with the necessary resources to process those calls effectively. This will help you manage out of hours or busy periods with scheduled call routing and divert options together with call queuing facilities and optional automated attendant announcements.

Calls can be routed dynamically to different destinations according to the time of day, day of week and date. Calls may also be routed more intelligently by using features such as the caller’s location, the nature of the call or by the volume of calls received.

The fact that non geographic numbers are "virtual", and completely portable, also means that if a business needs to relocate, or for continuation of business in the event of fire, flood, etc. the published number can be transferred seamlessly from one number to another, without loss of service.

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers free access to our My Inbound web portal. This gives you a full reporting tool to look at your inbound calls made to your 08, 03 or geographic virtual numbers you have with us. This facility is also set to offer you direct control of these numbers to enable you to change where they ring and to write a script to divert the calls as necessary on a daily basis or in the event of disaster recovery.

Please click here for the My Inbound user guide and here for the My Inbound web portal

In addition, if a company advertises its products or services through various channels (e.g. press, web, mailshots, etc), by channelling responses through a range of numbers, it can assess the effectiveness of each of its marketing campaigns by the use of call statistics.

0800 freephone non geographic numbers will enhance your company image and increase the response to sales and marketing campaigns. 0845/0844 non geographic numbers can be used to give your business a local presence giving your customers peace of mind.

It is now possible to have geographic-non geographic numbers whereby traditional geographic numbers such as 01xx/02xx numbers can also be intelligently routed to any existing landline or mobile telephone number rather than being tied to a particular exchange.

Our inbound telephony services provide online access to a range of easy-to-use call routing, monitoring and managing tools for both geographic and non-geographic numbers.