Local area networks

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In today’s information technologically-driven world, a fast, secure and reliable local area network (LAN) is crucial to the success of any organisation whatever the number of users on site.

Providing LAN solutions is core to our business and we can provide a consultancy style approach to investigating the requirements of your business to ensure we propose the most suitable solutions to streamline your working practices and cut costs in the process.

A LAN connects computers and other network devices, such as printers, servers and wireless access points, and is the backbone of most organisations enabling reduced costs through colleagues sharing equipment and applications, as well as delivering high-speed Internet access.

Further savings can be generated by using Voice over IP telephony and video conferencing, all of which we can provide.

Many organisations will already have a LAN which may have been in place for many years.

As with any technology, there could be many reasons to consider an upgrade such as hardware reliability, network speed, security or a requirement for new features. We can review your existing LAN and propose suitable upgrades or changes as appropriate.

LANs can be more stringently protected by the addition of security features, such as firewalls to control access to and from the LAN, intrusion prevention systems that can detect and block attacks on your network and a host integrity check whereby users’ PCs must comply with company standards.

For larger networks, we are also able to provide a centralised point of management and reporting.

Furthermore, the use of virtual private network (VPN) technology will provide you with access to the same business applications and customer information whether you are working from the main office, a remote office or from home to further streamline your everyday working life.

We can also design, deliver and maintain wireless LANs (WLANs) to provide mobility in the workplace to enable users to access data and the Internet wherever they are on site.

This can also be integrated with a PBX to provide Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN).

swcomms also provides specialists LANs for the education sector.

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