Network security

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Our security solutions ensure our customers have tight control over access to their corporate data networks.

We will size the most appropriate firewall for each customer, depending on the connection speed, number of devices to be protected, number of users, number of VPN connections and the data throughput required.

To further protect your network, our intrusion detection solution provides an unparalleled ability to take preventive action against a broad range of threats before they target your network without the risk of dropping legitimate traffic.

These solutions also provide you with high visibility of attempted attacks via consoles which give detailed accounts of all adverse Internet activity.

Our endpoint solution offers a comprehensive, cloud-hosted security solution that protects your desktop PCs, laptops and file servers from threats that avoid detection when entering the network; for example, via a memory stick or USB connected devices such as phones or MP3 players, local network distributed files and portable media such as DVDs and CDs.

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