Partner programme

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Our Channel Programme will help you open up new capex and ongoing revenue streams with an enhanced product portfolio.

You have complete control and there are no targets; if you do not sell, you do not earn.

You will gain get access to our experts and your channel manager will provide you with regular updates and will work with you to support you on any opportunities you may need help with.

There are three ways you can join the Channel Programme: as an Affiliated Partner, as a Channel Partner or, indeed, both. The choice is dependent on your business model and how you currently manage billing and support of your clients.

Channel Partner

  • Full access to data and connectivity portfolio
  • White labelled to enable you to present your own service
  • Extra discount and access to wholesale services
  • Ability to control your own margins and profit streams
  • Your terms & conditions and SLAs apply
  • You bill and support your customers, we just provide the service/product and 2nd line remote support

Affiliated Partner

  • Full access to data centre and connectivity portfolio
  • You earn commission from the service deployment costs
  • You earn monthly commission for the life of the customer
  • swcomms terms & conditions and SLAs apply
  • swcomms handle the billing and support