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Pennywell Farm & Wildlife Centre

swcomms provides Pennywell Farm & Wildlife Centre with an integrated telephone system that links their multiple buildings and suits their mobile staff. 

Pennywell Farm & Wildlife Centre is an award-winning tourist attraction situated in Buckfastleigh in south Devon. It is home to a variety of farm animals and rare breeds, as well as offering both indoor and outdoor activities for family enjoyment. 

Pennywell wanted to upgrade their telephone solution from the system they had been leasing from BT to a solution that would give them more functionality, such as making full use of voicemail. The attraction was also keen to invest in a more mobile solution as Pennywell is spread out across multiple buildings including a shop, office and café. Although these buildings were only a relatively short distance apart, linking them with a single system had previously been thought of as an expensive option as it would entail laying cables underground. 

Pennywell had already been using our lines & minutes service when their need for a modern telephone system arose. Having already entrusted the provision of their telephone lines to a local supplier, it made sense to seek our advice on a telephone system investment. 

swcomms advised Pennywell to invest in a Toshiba CIX40 telephone system to provide the modern telephony that would enable Pennywell’s staff to carry out their day to day tasks with ease. The Toshiba CIX40 is recognised as a solution suited to small businesses due to its reliable nature and ability to expand with the simple addition of extra extensions. 

Wireless access point and cordless handsets
Staff mobility was accommodated following a survey and the provision of a wireless access point and cordless handsets. This part of the solution served the needs of the staff working in the café and in the main house so they could move around these buildings and the rest of the site but still remain contactable. 

Voicemail inboxes were assigned to the various departments and members of staff that needed them. Where several people shared an extension, phantom extension numbers were provided with separate voicemail inboxes assigned to them which can be accessed using a simple PIN system. 

Cost-effective billing was achieved through our competitive call tariffs and line rates. Any market savings swcomms receives from our network suppliers are passed on to our customers to ensure they benefit from a cost-effective and fair rate throughout their contract term. Monthly line rental and call charges are all contained on a single invoice and call charge information can also be accessed via a web-based billing platform to give Pennywell complete control over its calls. 

Fraud monitoring is included as part of the solution at no additional cost. This includes the monitoring of Pennywell’s lines for any unusually expensive calls.

Consolidated costs
Broadband was also supplied to the main office and then linked to the shop to replace the two lines that had previously been supplied to Pennywell from an alternative supplier. In providing Pennywell’s broadband too, they consolidated all their telecommunications costs from one supplier. 

This has provided Pennywell with a single point of contact, not only based in the UK but in nearby Exeter, for any ongoing communications needs or issues to make a managing these a stress-free experience.

Valerie Bickford-Beers, manager, said: “From the start of the project, swcomms understood our needs and came up with a solution completely tailored to our business. “Everyone that we dealt with was professional, helpful and even when the installation was taking place on site there was minimum disruption. Our project manager was always at the end of the phone and made the whole process very simple.”


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