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We offer a range of fixed and mobile lines and calls business solutions removing the stress of dealing with multiple bills and service providers.

We are able to adopt your existing telephone lines immediately, regardless of the existing rental contract term. We conduct a full line audit at the point of line transfer to ensure that we only adopt the lines and services you wish to continue using and eliminate existing sundry charges for services you no longer require.

We provide the value added service of network call performance reports for the first three months of your contract with us to ensure you are making and answering your calls efficiently. Our statistics provide data on answered calls, unanswered calls and the amount of times callers are greeted with an engaged tone to reveal a need for more (or less) lines and voicemail ports or the need to review staff working hours.

We offer competitive, gimmick-free call tariffs with per second billing. We do not believe in inflated minimum call charges* and our line rates are capped for the duration of the contract to ensure that you will never have to pay more than you expected. We guarantee to pass on any market savings we receive from our network suppliers to ensure that you benefit from a cost-effective fair rate throughout your contract term.

A single point of contact deals with all your queries. Monthly line rental and call charges are all contained on a single invoice and can be tailored to suit your accounting software. Call charge information can also be accessed via our web-based billing platform, WebaBillity, to give you complete control over call analysis. Automated emails can be set to notify customers of any calls that exceed their predefined criteria to give you the tools to proactively manage and control your call costs.

Fraud management
Our fraud team monitors your lines for unusually expensive calls and endeavours to report known fraud within four working days depending on the circumstances of the fraud.

Our fraud management service option protects our customers from the effects of phone hacking, also known as toll dial-through or phreaking fraud. An automatic bar is activated when calls from a single line to all destinations, except those to UK geographic and UK mobile numbers, reaches a total of £750.00 within a 24 hour period. This ensures calls to expensive destinations that are targeted by hackers will be limited for as long as the bar remains in place.

Safety Net line assurance
If a fault occurs on your business telephone line or equipment, a BT Openreach engineer is often called out.

Tens of thousands of businesses are affected by faults every year and the cost to deal with these varies greatly and may not necessarily result in a fix.

BT engineer costs typically range from £60 to £150 per hour dependent upon the time, day and complexity of the fault, in addition to the charge for materials.

To combat these ever-increasing charges, we have introducing a new assurance scheme - Safety Net - to protect customers from these Openreach call-out charges.

Business continuity is automatically provided with a set of alternative routing options in the event of a line fault either to another UK fixed or mobile number, an automated message service or to a BT call centre.

Fault support is provided at no additional cost with 24/7/365 cover on all lines. This is essential to the smooth operation of a business, especially for those whose lines are mission critical or operate outside normal working hours.

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* Set-up fees will apply on 0845 numbers, plus special and satellite services