User presence & instant messaging

User presence instant messaging image

One of the most sought-after business communications tools is instant messaging (IM) integrated with user presence to facilitate rapid information exchange and real-time decision making, thereby improving responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Presence allows the user to easily check the status of colleagues – available, busy, away, etc – and to determine the best way of communicating with them.

IM provides immediate contact with a quick, efficient message to these contacts or, indeed, groups of contacts.  It is the text equivalent of a real conversation, which means the information exchanged has the potential to be highly relevant, concise and effectual.

Questions can be answered in a matter of seconds. Important decisions can be made without the need for yet another face-to-face meeting or protracted email trail.

Presence and IM also serve to integrate distributed workforces by allowing colleagues to have spontaneous ad hoc interactions wherever they are working.

Remote workers will especially benefit from this real-time link to help them feel more connected to their peers in the office while their availability will also be easily identifiable.