Web filtering

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With today’s web consisting of more than a trillion pages, intelligent content analysis is the only reliable way to protect your staff and your network.

We provide a number of options to protect your business.

We provide layer 7 application-aware filtering (available as a cloud, hosted or on-site application), that uses deep packet inspection that can identify more than 100 different kinds of traffic - even when it doesn’t want to be identified - including video chat, streamed media and gaming file sharing.

There are no longer any blind spots.

This dynamic content analysis accurately categorises and blocks all undesirable content, scans website signatures to prevent the use of anonymous proxies, provides advanced reporting to understand and interpret usage, and monitors web activity and traffic in real-time.

This results in you having peace of mind and an easily policed web usage policy.

swcomms deploys specilist web filtering for schools. Please click here to read more.

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