Wide area networks

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Wide area networks (WANs) can span large geographical areas to link multiple offices together to help your business become more cohesive and efficient while also saving you money.

If businesses created a separate communications infrastructure for each and every office, the costs would be huge with hardware, software and human resources duplicated at each site.

A wide area network (WAN) is a communications network that spans a wide geographical area between different cities, counties or even countries. WANs are typically used by businesses to facilitate the exchange of voice and data between their dispersed offices helping them to become more cohesive and efficient while also saving money.

With WAN connectivity, when you sit at your desk, the office 200 miles away feels just like a room next door. You can share information, documents, reports, query databases and search through thousands of records in just seconds. You can share resources such as servers, printers, applications and telephone systems to reduce costs and streamline capabilities. You can also share human resources, such as receptionists or IT personnel.

Our WAN solutions experts can design and deploy the most efficient, secure and cost-effective WAN solution for your business using a range of modern technologies. We can span large geographical areas and link many local area networks (LANs) using a reliable, efficient and secure network.

Our network engineers build WANs using traditional leased lines as well as using more flexible technologies, such as point to point microwave, virtual private networks (VPN) and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), or a mix of these technologies to ensure your network matches your business requirements as well as your budget.

As well as leveraging our partnerships with national providers, we have committed a significant investment in a UK-wide Ethernet cloud with more than 700 points of presence throughout the UK. This cloud is managed by us at layer 2, meaning that we have effectively become the carrier with full routing and IP responsibility.

We advise all of our customers to build failover into every WAN to ensure continuity of service. Failover should be automatic and operationally transparent to our customers.

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