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WiFi solutions can immediately provide an additional revenue stream for your business and a valuable service to your customers.

As a result, the provision of wireless Internet access has been rapidly embraced by caravan parks, cafés, restaurants, shopping centres, conference centres, hotels and leisure parks alike.

Turning your location into a commercial WiFi hotspot is easy and inexpensive and will instantly generate extra income using tariffs set by you to see a rapid return on your investment.

All the revenue earned through our WiFi solutions is retained by the host business.

Our WiFi solutions are is easy to manage with a minimum of technical knowledge required. Reports on usage, income generated and many other factors can be produced with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Our solution provide instant high speed Internet access that allows customers to email, instant message and browse the web meaning they can cost-effectively keep in touch with both their clients and their own businesses.

This safe, robust WiFi hotspot solution can also be used for recreational use to play online games and to listen to or download music or video, as well as email, instant messaging and web browsing.

Usage is based on time rather that amount of data transferred.

There is no doubt that a WiFi guest solution will help raise the profile of your venue or business and, in doing so, distinguish you from your competition.

This should boost attendance to your site and extend your customers’ visit times, satisfaction and loyalty.

Furthermore, we can provide larger WiMAX wireless solutions, which can cover entire industrial estates or cities to promote true mobile Internet access solutions to a wide business community.

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