Wireless networks & BYOD

Wireless networks and BYOD image

Wireless networks help businesses boost their employees’ productivity by giving them real-time access to files, emails, applications and other network resources while still enabling them to roam in and around the workplace, even in areas where a connection to a wired network may be challenging such as a forecourt or external area.

Installation is quick and easy resulting in a wireless network that is truly scalable as new employees can be added and offices can be reconfigured easily and cost-effectively as there is no dedicated wiring to the individual work station.

Visitors to your offices can benefit from accessing a guest network and you can also take advantage of the cost savings that can be found by embracing the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend for employees.

This can all be achieved while still protecting your business from malicious or unintended security breaches and maintaining full reporting on access.

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